Well, Jan is proud!

Her Bison just came from behind to beat the Hawkeyes. They showed heart and grittiness with an excellent ground game.

Now, come on Hogs. And, Tiggers, put the hurt on the Aggies to the point they’re bruised playing us next week.

Okay, I’ll ask. Who is Jan?

Why are all the Dakotas college football teams so good?

Bad lands breed bad mans, man. That and they rush more.

Jan, my better half, is/was a proud member of the WebHogs, and a bunch of folks on this board know her and know she is a proud NDSU alum from Fargo. NDSU has won five back to back FCS National Championships. We’ve been to two of their championship games in Frisco, TX.

It’s because of how well they recruit. 5 stars everywhere on the rosters. :smiley:

Marcia and Greg.