Well, I've found a worse idea than hiring Kiffin

Some numbskull from Little Rock is on Facebook today wanting us to hire Kevin Kelley of PA as head coach and the Pulaski Robinson coach, Brian Maupin, as the defensive coordinator. I had to Google Maupin because the nitwit just used Maupin’s last name and I’d never heard of him.

Since, you know, it worked so well when Notre Dame hired a high school coach with no college experience as its head coach. You might remember him, vaguely, name of Faust. Even Art Briles had three years as RB coach at TTech after leaving high school before UHouston made him head coach. It took Gus six years as an assistant before ASWho hired him.

(As an aside, did my heart good to see Troy drive the length of the field in the last two minutes to knock the Pink Puppies out of a share of the Sun Belt title last night).

It should be noted that I am in favor of some college giving KK a chance to try out his unorthodox ideas (no punts, onside kick every time, etc.) on the collegiate level. But not us, and not in the SEC.

Hell no, he needs some sense knocked into him.

Last I checked, my old pee wee football coach was still breathing. The man was a legend in his time and won big on both the 9-10 and 11-12 levels. Didn’t matter the age group, his teams won and won big. He was a molder of men too. The mayor of the town played for him. Perhaps it is time to give Coach Russell Scaife a shot at being an SEC head coach.

Since all you guys that don’t like Kiffin hang together on threads I thought I would come over to say once again - he is the best option out there.

If Gus is a no go, I agree.

Kiffin doesn’t stay anywhere long and wouldn’t be here long either. I do think though that if Gus does come to the Hogs, Kiffin will be his replacement at Auburn.

No words.

Yet another reason. Our program needs a few years of stability. Laney Boy is nothing is not destabilizing.