Well it appears Vanderbilt and Alabama gets it

Alabama hires Nate’s Oats ,and Vanderbilt just hired Jerry Stackhouse. What is it they clearly understand it is all about the talent pool first, not the so call fickle fans.

Don’t forget if you are not the means to their end you better have a relationship! The long night is near

Jerry Stackhouse with no head coaching experience in college. He better hire one heck of a staff.

I just don’t see it working out. Seems like a reach to me.

Other than being a big school college and pro player, what makes Stackhouse so special in the coaching pool? How many times have we seen former all-stars bomb as coaches?

Derek Fisher comes to mind.

So…the quicker you make a hire, the better?? Regardless of the quality of the hire??


Also Corliss and Sidney. Damn, seems like Arkansas got a streak going. Hope Darrell Walker breaks it,

Exactly. Pretty obvious why we’re waiting so long, and if it pays off then kudos to HY and the BOT. If we get burned, well I guess that’s just another day in the life of a Razorback fan.

Clyde Drexler was a bomb too.

As for Jerry he has done some coaching down in the G-League, but I wouldn’t be super excited about this if I was a Vandy fan.

He did the smart thing and got a six year contract. Vandy is gonna be terrible for the next couple of years.

And believe it or not, Dr. Fitz Hill was suggesting this to be our Plan B if the coaching search goes well into next week. He was seriously saying bring in Corliss or Darrell Walker and surround him with a bunch of solid assistants the way Memphis did with Penny Hardaway.

No thanks, Fitz.

I’m assuming your reference is towards Stackhouse, and how do you know he is a bad hire, he has been with 2 nba teams since leaving broadcasting. One on the financial end and 3 yrs nba Assistant at Memphis. Listen those that really know the game know coaching is overrated, it’s all about the talent pool. Otherwise why do you still see these legendary coaches at legacy programs still recruit hard for 5* at the end of day you better be able to recruit

It takes both. Great players want to play for great coaches. Great coaches all start somewhere. They win with talent that may not be top notch and then people start to notice and better quality players become easier to recruit. That coach then goes to a better school and the talent follows. After that it is a chain reaction. That’s how dynasties and powerhouses are created.

yeah that would be a strong no for me dog

I’m looking around college basketball and I don’t see any top teams who are coached by former superstar players. Memphis is no longer a top team; it remains to be seen if Penny will change that. Neither is Alabama, who just fired Avery, and Avery was kind of an NBA journeyman at best. Most top coaches are people who played, but not at the highest level, then paid their dues through the coaching system. The only dues Penny paid was his vanity-plate AAU team.

That was my reaction. I sat there in total mouth-breather status when he was saying it all. I could not believe he would sit on DTS and close out the show talking all that nonsense.

Just depends on the person… Johnny Dawkins was a pretty good NBA player and is a pretty good college basketball coach.

Jury is still out on Georgetown with Patrick Ewing and Memphis with Penny Hardaway, both took over rebuild jobs. I think Penny had a really solid first year.

It’s not too many great NBA players that go the college route, most stick with the NBA in some capacity if they do decide to stay with basketball.

Chris Mullin took St John’s to the tournament this year too. Penny was a natural with his connection to AAU and the Memphis area in general. I think that is going to work.

It’s worth a shot I suppose, but I think it’s a big risk for Vandy. Stack was a good player in the NBA and college, but not a legend like some of the NBA guys in this thread. Just how much cache will that have with prepsters?

Yea… you can’t hire a guy that just went 10-21 in the Sunbelt.

If we go that route I say give Scotty a shot. He’s been around the program the longest and knows what it takes to recruit to Arkansas.

And Vandy is now replacing the coach who replaced the most winning coach in Vandy history (Kevin Stallings) from just two years ago, went to the NCAAT seven times and had gone the previous year. I hope we don’t look back a few years from now and wonder what we were thinking.

Mmmmm no, urban myth, it’s way more complicated than that, especially for Arkansas. Regardless you will have a front row sit to witness it in all its splendor pros/cons