Well, is today THE day?


Will today mark Coach Anderson’s signature win to finally turn the Arkansas program around after 20 years of being lost in the wilderness? I keep waiting, ever so patiently, for the Hog’s basketball program to regain its glory years. They have a chance today with a signature win over Number One seed UNC during prime time national TV.


Not likely because North Carolina is really good.

But it is March and there is Madness so we’ll see.

Haven’t seen or heard from you in awhile, since I believe you were bashing CMA and the program? I could be wrong but I always read your posts and there hasn’t been any in awhile. Program is in a upswing, and it is march but its been a positive year for sure

Maybe they have an off night shooting. Maybe the ball will bounce off the rim and away from the basket and find us in the right place at the right time. That happens sometimes with rebounding. Maybe they take us lightly.
Maybe WE have a hot night shooting. Maybe our defense is more than inspiring.
Go Hogs, WPS!

MAYBE we’ll give up just two offensive rebounds and dominate the boards. Again, not likely, but we can always hope until it doesn’t happen. Beat the Tar Heels on a Sunday in Pine Bluff; let’s beat them on a Sunday in South Carolina.

I wouldn’t say that we have to win to say our hogs are headed black up! We all hope for the win but be proud of this team accomplishments. WPS!