Well I'll be back in a while

When it’s safer

Btw: I’m still a Coach Bret supporter

I’ll follow your lead.

I’m a CBB supporter too.

Me too, even though this season caused me to die a little inside

I am a Hog fan and will always watch and support them. However, after season 5, we need a short list.

Why does it have to be a supporter or not?

Here’s what I want…to win. To be competitive. To show some Razorback pride. To continue to compete until the end no matter what.

Blowing a 24 point lead is simply inexcusable!

Sorry but blind faith in this coach and AD is over for me.

Can’t do sunshine for sale of sunshine as much as would like.

Yes we all love Arkansas and some may have more love than others. Congrats.

But if we can’t agree that there is a problem than we may just have different expectations and tire of getting sand kicked in face over the years.

Until we get a little upset, why should we expect more?

what type of plan do you want jeff long to implement? we cant magically import lots of talented kids to our state. Hell there are high school teams in Texas producing close to 20kids signig D offers. We can’t seem to get 10 that will sign with U of A, ASU, and UCA combined from our entire high school base.

you see bielema recruiting just about every great player he can and if they show any interest back at all they are chasing them. However, if you live in Dallas and have chance at OU or Texas, A and M, hell even LSU and then us, who you gonna sign with?

tonight hurt. when Morgan fumbled twice it was like the air coming out of the balloon. Hogs score and go up 31-7 might’ve ended the hokies. instead we see what happened.

I want to win. I want to win the right way. I don’t see any Power5 coaches looking to take this job if it was even open. You want Les Miles? In a year or two maybe the Memphis coach but right now the lower schools don’t offer too much to entice me to think someone is better.

Blowing the 24 point lead is inexcusable no argument here

Why the support the coach statement?

Because after events like this many in our fan base want people fired

We have done that a number of times now and nothing gets fixed

Now with a nationally recognized Ciach in Coach Bret - we fire him after only four years - who would come?

We need Coach Bret to succeed here because it’s becoming a mantra that you cannot win at Arkansas and the fan base will demand your fining

Ole Hooten Dale is pumping that script and that doesn’t help us

I’m sticking with coach Bret - he has to fix this

He wins Arkansas wins

The other part is like another poster wrote all ready - I died a little inside

For me the thing that is dying is the hope that Arkansas can compete on the national level

My fear is a national name Ciach like coach B fails at Arkansas it will only reinforce the perception That you cannot win at Arkansas and it’s a death trap for a coaching career

We fire Coach Bret I suspect we will not see s power five Coach stepping up to take the program - it will be back to the minor league coaches

Just my thoughts but what do I know

Pretty disappointed in the Razorbacks performance - but willing to give this Ciach time - I think it’s best for the program

I wish I had written this it is so on point. Good job Boar.

Who cares if the next coach is a Power 5 coach? Virginia Tech hired a “minor league” coach and seems to be doing fine. Other examples of schools hiring “minor league” coaches that have worked out just fine:

Florida: Urban Meyer ( Utah before they were Pac 12)

Oklahoma: Bob Stoops (No HC experience - defensive coordinator)

Washington: Chris Peterson ( Boise St.)

Oregon: Chip Kelly ( came to Oregon from a DII school)

Stanford: Jim Harbaugh ( San Diego University)

Auburn: Gus Malzahn ( Arkansas State)

North Carolina: Larry Fedora ( Southern Miss)

We have yet to know how they will work out but two blue bloods (Texas and Florida) hired their coaches from Houston and Colorado State respectively.

To expect or think our next HC needs to be a proven Power 5 coach ignores the realities of CFB as it exists today.

These are a few examples and there are of course examples of coaches that have not worked out from minor league schools. In short, where a coach comes from is not a guarantee one way or another.

maybe u should look at the places those coaches work at and the recruiting base they have.

As listed above we have maybe 10 a year and Virginia has 35
Come on its hardly the same

What was our recruiting base when Petrino won big? Great coaches find ways to win big no matter where they are. Average coaches get average results, poor coaches poor results and so on.

Why is it always and exclusively about recruiting when we lose?

When we had VT down 24 points at half, was that about recruiting?

At this point I still consider myself a BB fan. That does not mean I think all the criticism is unwarranted. In fact, it makes me more frustrated with the way his team performed this year. BB could have done so much better, even with the recruiting base he currently has.

Win or lose, the A&M, Auburn, Mizzou and VT games should have played out much, much differently. All four games were epically pathetic. Let’s deal with that now. There is plenty of time later to talk about recruiting bases.

I’m firmly in CBB corner. We need stability. I’d be happy giving him a 15-year contract right now. He’s young. He’s proven. He will give us our share of 10+ win seasons over time. Below is a record comparison of Saban at Michigan St to Bielema. Had we hired Saban during his Michigan State coaching life, we would have run him off.

Saban at Michigan St:
1995\tMichigan State\t6–5–1\t\t
1996\tMichigan State\t6–6\t
1997\tMichigan State\t7–5\t\t
1998\tMichigan State\t6–6\t\t
1999\tMichigan State\t9–2*

Bielema at Wisconsin:

We would have? As best I can tell Bielema is coming back after 3-9, 6-6, 7-5, and 7-5. Since you are using the Saban Mich St. example I’m sure we’ll all be pleased with the 9-2 5th year jump!

Bluegrass, I usually agree with you, and I do this time as well.

We need CBB to succeed.

I’m shocked that you are comparing BB to Saban. Why don’t you compare their SEC records.

We need him to…no doubt. However wanting/needing something to happen and it actually happening are two different animals.

In my judgement his progress towards the stated goal - winning an SEC title - has been marginal

The other night I was watching a replay of Ark vs ATM from 2014 (the Dan Skipper trip, Sam Irwin Hill fake punt for TD game)…BB was much thinner, clean shaven and looked very energetic.

He now looks disheveled, rough and just doesn’t look very healthy.

Maybe the changes he speaks about making should start with him.

Supporting someone does not mean you agree with everything they have done or how they have performed. In this case there is zero chance that CBB will not be the coach next year so I choose to support him. I don’t like his performance this year and I’m disappointed in his recruiting. But he’s our coach and will be our coach so he will be supported my me.

I did the same for HDN until it was clear he would never survive.

There is zero excuse for his record this year. Zero. He should have recruited and coached better.

Jeff Long is on the real hot seat here. The contract he gave CBB has not been earned. He better hope CMA pulls out a good year or the wolves will be howling for him.