Well, I would rather play Tech again rather than FL

I suspect TT will have a much weaker pitching staff left. What do you guys think?

Just shared the same thing a few minutes ago with family members.

But I am confident with whoever we play.

I would rather play Tech also. Their pitching will be much worse than Florida even though their hitting is better.

I think I’d rather play TT again, too, but I like our shot to win at least one more

Both of those squads are dreading what awaits the survivor.

I really have no preference but beating any team from Texas is just more fun! I hope they play 18 innings!
On Friday Florida would be showing up already playing 3 games and the same would be the case for Texas Tech!
Flip a coin and wait until tomorrow and let’s see which team wins.

I think we beat UF…and I would rather beat UF, so bring 'em on. SEC matchups would continue to highlight the strength of our conference.

I could careless about showing the strength of the SEC right that’s not debatable. I hope Tommy Mace starts for Florida and gets knocked out in about the 3rd or 4th inning (70 pitches) and then other pitcher that has started for them goes 2 innings and doesn’t record an out in his 3rd inning of work (60 to 70 pitches) and they play extra innings and eat up the bull pen! That could apply to both TT and Florida.
As for beating either team I just think it’s nice beating Texas or any team from Texas! We get to play Florida every year or most years.

We have the best team, let them scramble over the Thursday scrapes and then we will take care of business on Friday.

I agree beating Texas is always a highlight for my day…however I “couldn’t” care less about beating TT or other texas teams - most of whom we beat like a drum when we played them regularly.

I do think we have the best team in this CWS field. Going in I thought it might have been OSU, but think we have shown superior pitching thus far - and that is usually the determining factor in baseball championships. Having said, our bats have also been very hot!