Well I’m going to start looking for what Harris does well

It’s hard, but I’m going to trythe rest of the season. Currently he shoots 12% on 3’s, drains the shot clock, does not defend well, and fails to box out.

No one can ever accuse Mike of not being loyal.

He plays some defense he had 4 fouls tonight.

He’s quick, protects the ball pretty well, is a good passer, runs the break well, and plays with passion.

We are not a team full of Michael Jordans.

Kid played hard against Kentucky.

Maybe Mike should have been recruiting better as we all discuss, but can’t fault this kid for giving what he’s got.

I’m sure no one is more upset missing those free throws at the end than he is about it.

Kid clearly wanted to win.

Good post, Bush. Harris played hard, just not real well. He gave it his best.

I was one of his harshest critics last night. I’m not questioning his effort or intensity. He did protect the ball well last night, but what made me scratch my head was when he had the ball, he was slow in setting up the offense. It may have been by design, I don’t know, but when you wait till 15 seconds into the shot clock to run the offense, it’s not hard for Kentucky to defend that.

I believe that, when KY started to cut into the lead Dykes said that’s what AR needed to do, slow down and run the clock. I’ve always considered this similar to trying to run the ball in the 4th qtr with a lead, playing not to lose, instead of what got you the lead to begin with and playing to win.

But that’s not just a Mike or Chad thing, that’s an every coach thing. Irritating

Yes, I agree that he plays hard and gives it his all…but, to me, a point guard has to have ability to make open shoots and crucial free throws. He has repeatedly shown that he can’t do that when we need him. He needs to spend untold hours in the gym working on that aspect of his game.


I believe that, when KY started to cut into the lead Dykes said that’s what AR needed to do, slow down and run the clock. I’ve always considered this similar to trying to run the ball in the 4th qtr with a lead, playing not to lose, instead of what got you the lead to begin with and playing to win.

But that’s not just a Mike or Chad thing, that’s an every coach thing. Irritating

[/quote]You may have better ability to discern than me, but I saw nothing to make me think our offense was attempting to slow the pace, we still had some quick shots when they were open, unfortunately we missed too many. It looked to me that we fell into a familiar pattern of over dribbling the ball on the perimeter. While Jalen can break someone down and drive, his inability to finish or make free throws makes this a less attractive risk for my liking. In addition, it seems when he drives and misses, he gets caught down inside and we tend to create instant offense for the other team. As good a shooter as Joe is, he would seem to be better served with the ball in someone else’s hands and be getting open to be on the receiving end of the ball. I think all of our guards are prone to occupy the ball too much, which might be acceptable if we were creating scoring opportunities as much as we were running down the shot clock.

I would like to see more passing and plays, especially to create shots for Gafford, Jones and Joe, however that does not seem to be our style and thus we ended up last night with shot clock violations and panic shots. We are really paying a price for losing Phillips and Garland’s unfortunate health status, having both would really change the dynamics of this team, since other than Gafford in close, Jones and Joe are having to carry the water.

Harris red shirted last year…he had plenty of time to work on his shot and his game. If he can’t shoot right now I doubt he will ever be able to shoot.

If you have a point guard that can’t shoot he has to be elite at something else. I just don’t see Harris being elite at anything, good but not elite.

Courtney Fortson couldn’t really shoot the ball but the dude could get to the rack. He was fearless and had no problem getting in someones shirt. I don’t think Harris will ever be that dude.

I understand criticism of a player. Harris isn’t nearly as good as we’d like. Most of the observations about his weaknesses seem accurate to me. However, I don’t doubt he’s giving effort. He plays hard. I hate seeing him as the constant subject of negative posts. I know this is a message board. I know fans get upset & have a right to criticize, but I appreciate Bush’s post.

I feel that way about Gabe and Bailey as well. I believe they give a 100%.

Me too.

Point taken…he did redshirt, but that part of game is still a weakness and he knows it. Too me, he can still work on it. I don’t slight the effort on anybody on the team, but in critical times, players have to step up…make shots and free throws. Right now, we need a go to guy besides Gafford and Harris can be that guy since he the point guard if he works on his game.

Harris handled the ball for 30 minutes against the #9 defense in the nation with the refs allowing them to be physical without calls in the second half. We had 7 TOs, only one of which was his. The TO margin was what kept us in the game with UK. Like Reid and Durham, neither of whom shot the ball particularly well, it isn’t his fault that he can’t distribute on a team with more firepower. Get off his back.

Coach Anderson has recruited a team of poor shooters…we only have two guys who could be considered to be good shooters…Joe and Jones. Jones is more of a scorer, but he and Joe are our offensive threats besides the Gafford dunks.

Look at the Kentucky game…Joe is tremendous in the first half…we lead by 11. Joe scores 3 points in the 2nd half, and we lose by 4. The 2nd half Kentucky outscores us by 15. Nobody takes up the slack for Joe. Calipari put a guy on him and nobody else can score.

Corey Beck wasn’t a good shooter, but we had several guys besides him who could shoot or score. Harris is a solid point guard, but he can’t shoot outside of 10-12 feet. Unfortunately, we don’t have several other guys like Nolan did to take up the slack. I guess my point is Harris shouldn’t have to be able to shoot. If he had other options, it would not be so critical that he could shoot.

Coach Anderson has got to recruit some more players who can shoot and not just run and jump. We need ballplayers like Mason Jones. Mason is 6-5 and can’t jump, but he knows how to play the game. We need more guys like him.

Every single player in our rotation does enough things well that he could contribute on a very good basketball team this year. The problem has been that they can’t all contribute on the same very good basketball team this year at their present state of development. We don’t have a complementary roster. Too many players have the same weaknesses, most notably knocking down open shots on a consistent basis.

The biggest mistake the coaches made this season in hindsight was having four scholarships devoted to assistant coaches. They badly needed to add a couple of more JUCOs or grad transfers that could shoot the ball from any position, whether they could guard a mannequin or not. The injuries that set back Embery-Simpson and Phillips may have been a bigger deal than initially believed. We’ll never know if either or both could have done much more than they have if they had been healthy from day one.

This team has lost like eight games this season that were one-possession in the final minute. It’s not like it needed a lot to get over the hump. A full-throated crowd at BWA might have done the trick, too, instead of the morgue they play in. On TV it consistently seems like the least intimidating environment I watch, and it’s been that way from game one. You can’t blame the losing streak.

I’ve been very critical of Harris and his shooting. But it’s not Harris’ fault that he’s shot 67 3s, and made only 8 of them. Clearly, Mike tells him to take open 3s when he’s making only 12% of them. It’s Mike’s fault for not telling him that if he takes another 3 point shot with more than 3 seconds on the shot clock, that he’ll bench him.

It’s actually Mike’s fault that Harris is close to a 3 point volume shooter when it’s beyond obvious that no one is guarding him out there anymore. Chaney and Gafford have shot zero 3s this year. I’ll bet they could make 12% of them. Mike’s still giving Harris more than 30 minutes a game, so he’s OK that Harris keeps bombing 3 point misses.

From now on, I will blame only Mike on all of Harris’ missed 3 point shots. It’s clear as a bell that Harris is only doing what Mike expects him to do. I’m not being sarcastic at all. I recognize that Harris is playing hard and doing his best to make to make those 3-point shots. As long as Mike’s OK with that, he should keep on taking them.

Embery and Sills will be very good shooters as they get comfortable on the court and get solid PT. Everyone forgets they are freshmen.

Plus Perry is a good shooter and so is Phillips is a good shooter. Neither are here now. So you can blame Mike for losing them, but you can’t say he recruits poor shooters.

I guarantee you that if Sills and Embery remain with us in the middle of this fan revolt, they will be excellent and reliable three point shooters by their junior season. Remember how Barford improved by his senior season.

There are not that many Joes. Don’t think other than a handful of teams there are two Joes on their team.

Absolutely, unfortunately Kentucky had at least one last night (Herro)

I hope Mike asks him to take open 3s. The ball is in his hands 70% of the time and usually he ends up with it with clock running down and if he is open he has take that 3. It would be right to criticize him if he just brings the ball up and jacks it up. I don’t think that is the case.

Look, Harris is not a great shooter but he is a lot better than 12% shooter from the 3 he is showing now. He is just in a slump and hesitating a lot before he shoots and pretty soon it becomes a mental thing. Then team losing adds even more mental pressure.

Harris has made some big 3s for us. He is not as bad a shooter as we see in this stretch of games. That will come, but my main issue with Harris is not being able to finish in drives to the hoop. A PG must be able to do that in any system.