Well, I’m Finally Smitten

With Covid! Started feeling bad Late Thursday and tested positive yesterday morning. I’m vaccinated and boosted, so this has felt like a mild flu with temp up to 100 and mostly cough, aches and sweats plus fatigue. I’ve dodged it at work for 2 years but I guess let my guard down at some point last week cleaning fogged glasses or something?

I’m watching Band of Brothers staying in guest room on other end of our house. Really good show…Hanks and Spielberg have directed a fine cast. Also catching up on work reading, journals and CME stuff I need for my boards next year.

The real loss in all of this is we were supposed to go to Baton Rouge this weekend to finish up some of my wife’s parents estate stuff at some banks and I had all my favorite restaurants picked out ready to enjoy! Plus Coffee Call beignets! And the topper was bringing home king cakes from Ambrosia bakery—fine eating! We are going to try to go again in 2 weeks.


Hope you get better soon. I am amazed you made it for as long as you did given what you were dealing with two years ago. Band of Brothers is a good thing to enjoy if you have to stay confined.

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Wishing you a quick recovery! WPS

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I’m just getting over it Doctor . I had the shots and had the same symptoms you mentioned.

It started Monday. I started feeling like my old self yesterday (Friday).

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Hope you are feeling better soon and letting the good times roll. And celebrating with a beignet and King Cake, even if you have to order beignet mix and the cake.

Feel better soon Doc!

Those symptoms sound like what I’ve had. Ugh. I hope you feel well soon.

I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been vaccinated and boosted. If I knew how to get a test without leaving home, I would.

My wife and I also are recovering from COVID. We got it from friends we visited. They were vaccinated and boosted and do we’re we. Our symptoms are exactly what I read about the Omicron variant. Because we were vaccinated and boosted, we got a mild case. No fever, no headaches and no shortness of breath….
Feels more like a head cold or sinus infection.

Right now we better but are dealing with the COVID cough. The OTC meds don’t seem to have any effect. Anybody got any recommendations.

Honey, lemon, shot of bourbon. If it doesn’t work at least you’ll feel good. :wink:



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I took Theraflu and Ricola Coughdrops. I made the mistake of going to Walmart two days in a row. I missed the second and third week of deer season. At least theirs bow season left.

We haven’t tried theraflu, but have been using cough drops but not that brand.

Wife and I had it early last month. 16 y.o. tested positive after we were over it. He finished quarantine on the 20th. We were all vaccinated, but he has symptoms again. Negatve rapid test on Wednesday, so MD ordered PCR yesterday. He lost taste last night. Symptoms are sore throat, cough, fever, aches.
Omicron variant shows up in saliva first, so a throat swab would be preferable for earlier detection.

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We both got a positive PCR test on Wednesday, Jan 5th. We been isolating and recovering ever since. Walmart delivery and friends keeps us stocked with groceries.

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Hope you get well and back to work soon. GOT would be an interesting series over a few days.

Get well soon, Doc!

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Tell Joy to be a great nurse.

That bourbon idea has merit. Repeat when necessary.

Hang tough. Know it’s tough for you to slow down.

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Last month when I had it, my only symptoms were loss of smell and taste for a week.

Agree…that bourbon mix has merit. May try it later today. Homemade chicken and dumplings and vegetable venison soup have been a staple.

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