Well, I just dont know what to say

On this board more than ever or checking , lets say the FB board. Or the front page.

SURE smells good. Actually reason for hope. Sure hope XX is not passing out 100 dollar bills.

Now back to reality. Not long ago we were #8 as high as as 3 SEC teams. * to 15 just 2 weeks ago.

Now,DD, Richard and those keeping really on top of this, We have dropped???. Even added some great recruits. OVER other teams…

Now we have dropped in rankings???

THOUGHTS? OR insider help. With a couple to go.

A lot of the really high ranking was due in a large part because of sheer number of recruits. When we were ranked our highest we were sitting on 21-22 commits when some of the teams that have lots of high ranking players that are ahead of ours are sitting on 15 commits or somewhere significantly less than what we had. As they get closer to the total number of recruits we have, and they are higher ranked players, they’re going to pass us. Still looks like a top 20 class for us worst case, and that’s awfully good considering how poor our season went. We’re competing in recruiting rankings with a lot of teams who are top 10 or top 20 ranked for the season, in major bowls, in highly populated states with 25 or up to 50 four star players to recruit from.

Mercy ya post on this board and a lot of times no answer. In time but it’s just not looked at as much as the FB board. This is the recruiting board here it is.

Good post and all true. In addition to that, the 2 JUCO OL we got commitments from actually bring down our ranking a little. It’s ridiculous, because they are 2 of our most important recruits. The 247 composite grades JUCO players lower than some less talented high school players. They certainly make this class MUCH better, so I couldn’t care less how 247, Rivals, or ESPN ranks them. Just look at their offers.

Keep in mind, we have two recruits that may flip from other SEC schools. I’m thinking we’ll jump Miss St and Tenn when we steal their 4* commits, putting us back at 6th in the SEC

Don’t think we were ever #8, or #3 in the SEC, so no need to be alarmed. Ranking are fluid, the go up and down as teams add commits. Just be thankful for the players we get, and you’ll sleep better.

The ranking we need to worry about is where we stack up next season and the results of the performance of our Oline and Dline. That’s where it starts for us to ever see improvement. Especially from the QB.

The talent of this class may not show immediate results in the number of wins but they will sure show a different effort on the field. That’s the first thing that has too change.

I believe the top 25 recruits in each class is what the ranking is based on so these 2 silent commits will give a boost to the class. We just need to hang on and see what happens.

Addressing the needs of the team is the focal point. This staff has done that and they will need to continue. Crootin is a non stop job that’s the life blood of any program for the task to get easier you have to win!

Hogs number went up at 247 when they signed the two JUCO, you can say they got passed :sunglasses:

Still # 11 at Rivals w the average recruit right there w the likes of Clemson, Nortre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee.

https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2019 … s/football

QB play will get better when O-line gets better,RB will get better when O-line gets better, D-line will get better when O-line gets better because they will get some rest when we get multiple 1st downs instead of 3 and out. It’s just my opinion that next season hinges on our Oline, I’m well aware there are many variables in the game of football, if we can’t get CCM offense up and running full speed or at least close you can stick a fork in our pork butt because we are done. On paper we look like we have help coming on the Oline according to most everyone, myself I reserve judgement until I see them on the field against Sec talent, there’s no doubt the Juco’s will help just not sure how much. WPS

If we keep getting classes like we are about to get next week in a few yrs we will win ALOT of games.

It’s not worry is joy or being proud that a team or 2 are going, or saying “What in the world is going on at Arkansas?”

I maybe way off base but this playing players or trying to stop it (slow it down some) has leveled the playing field a tad bit. Just a thought I keep having. Might not have 1 thing to do with this but we are making promising inroads to much better players. Albeit only 1 year, but you have got to start somewhere…WPS

24/7 has its own junior college rankings and gives them more weight than the other recruiting services.

Arkansas has gone down a spot or two in each of the rankings since its zenith because others began to fill out their spots.

Rivals has Arkansas 11th (because the Razorbacks have 12 4-stars per Rivals)

ESPN has Arkansas 17th (9 4-stars)

24/7 has them 18th (8 4-stars)

All good numbers

Our total number on 247 composite went up slightly because of 2 more bodies. What I was referring to was that our team average of now .8846 would have gone down slightly because the JUCO numbers were Nwanna .8648 and Cunningham .8561. It was their rating numbers that were “out of whack” with their talent levels because they were JUCOs, not high school recruits. Thus, IMO they are undervalued from a rating/ranking standpoint.

I’m not sure how much these rankings matter. A friend of mine who is an obnoxious Gator fan kept up for years of every player and their classification. He said there were more 3* playing in the NFL than any group then 4* and 5* had the least. This was also back when Florida always had a top five recruiting class. They may do a better job in classifying the kids today…I just aged myself

Star ratings are supposed to indicate a recruit’s ability to play the day they arrive on campus. The reason NFL players are mostly 3 star recruits out of high school is because they have enough time to close the gap.

Moreover, the system contradicts itself by not weighing JUCO recruits more heavily. If the star system is based on readiness, then most JUCOs should be four or five stars. However, they usually don’t have as high of a ceiling as high school recruits. If Cunningham was coming from high school right now, he’d definitely be a four star

That’s because there are far more 3-stars than 4 and 5-stars in the rankings,

The number of prospects go down as the stars go up.

Say 25 5-stars, 100 4- stars and a 1,0000 3-stars

Yes,… But it also says that there are a lot of 3* players worthy of the NFL…But then most fans yawn at 3* players,…I find myself being guilty of said offense a lot of times.