Well, I guess our D is now playing a 3-3-5

If that is the Cotton Bowl from a few years ago, Mizzou had a lot of playmakers on defense. They had the SEC defensive lineman of the year (SAM) and three other lineman who were better than him. All were drafted and one went in the first round. The Missouri defense from last year is more like what we can expect at Arkansas until Odom can get some athletes in there. The other thing that Pinkle and Odom did was they recruited athletes and then developed them. None of those lineman I mentioned earlier were highly recruited because they come there undersized. But they were athletic and had the kind of frames that could be built up in the weight room. They beefed them up increased their strength and used their natural speed to make them into good players.

Missouri was top 3 in the conference in offense Drew Lock’s last 3 seasons at Missouri, and had the top passing offense twice. Not sure where you get that they were a ball control offense.

There are several recruits that have mentioned the 3-3-5.

Compare them to the year before. They ran nothing but uptempo and they either scored quickly or went 3 and out wearing down their own defense. That’s what I meant by a ball control offense. I should have said either more of a ball control defense or a more balanced slower paced offense.

They slung it around the four years Lock was there. Here are the number of pass attempts the last four years, including Lock’s last three:

2016 - 448 (Heupel with Lock)
2017 - 430 (Heupel with Lock)
2018 - 451 (Dooley with Lock as a senior)
2019 - 376 (Dooley/without Lock)

The Dooley bio said that the task Odom gave him that first year was to put together more of a ball control offense. I think that meant shorter passes, more time of possession. It led to more pass attempts that were shorter.

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I don’t think there’s any defense will last very long if you continually go three-and-out on offense.they are just too many good athletes now to stop them very long when you’re tired. We should have enough weapons on offense to move the ball down the field long enough for the defense to get a break.

too many successfult 3 man teams to generalize that they cannot be successful because it is so easy to run on… I did find a more analytic but well explained gestalt of 2-4-5 and 3-3-5 defenses. Key takeaway for me is how outside in that defenses that succeed now are. It is not inside out as we who are older tend to remember, Kinda nice and quick look into theory of 3-3-5. What you have and how to get the best on the field takes top priority. One worry that I have is that using 2 SS will lead to more concern for targeting hits because they will be flying to support and there is a good chance the runner is already engaged and vulnerable. Gonna take some discipline and great read by DB’s to be successful. Agree with need for space eater and road grader NT, no clue who we have to fill that role. The world needs all the Isaiah Simmons (Clemson) types to stop the rules advantaged offense these days and I don’t think many of those kids are around.

Just got to sign more DBs and for sure more safeties. You are looking for 195 pound flyers. Sign all of the Dre Greenlaws you see. Athletes who can play multiple positions would be the way to go. Length and ability to run and play multiple spots.

John Chavis told me two years ago that the game had changed and was no longer inside out. He said it was outside in. Cornerback play most critical. Then, safeties, then weakside linebackers. You still need defensive tackles, but ends are more important. In the old days, you wanted to protect the inside of your defense. Now, that’s WHERE you want them to run. If you have kept them away from your edges, you can more easily contain, especially with three safeties.

I like this football staff but I hate a 3 man front. I know some really good teams do it. I used to marvel at West Virginia’s defense when they ran the 3-4. However, I strongly believe you have to have really good players to run a 3 man front. The linebackers have to be big, strong, fast and able to fill a hole in a heartbeat. I don’t believe that describes us at this stage of our rebuilding.

True of our recent past. I think our future is bright with much more
speed and hopefully much better coaching.We still need more depth
but the numbers and quality seem to be on the uptick.

You said it much better than I did.

You have to have linebackers for all defenses. The key is better safety play where three are used, maybe four when you add nickel. Odom coaches safeties. Those are the guys he asked for in recruiting. Now he has to mold them into his scheme.

I sure hope we can keep coach Odom for at least two years.

Barry will be a head Coach again - if Hogs have some success. And that is a nice trade.

Oh how Hogs and their fans need some success.

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