Well, I guess our coach

Is probably Sampson, or someone who is still playing.

Not a noise anywhere else.

And THAT is a good thing…right???

People are guaranteeing its Sampson, claimed the deal was worked out and finalized back in Dec. If Houston loses, he will be announced Tues or Wed. Even if Houston makes the FF he will still be here by the following Wed.

I guess we will know for sure by the 3rd

How well connected is Yuracheck? I am not sure if he knows a lot of coaches around the nation. He knows Sampson, is comfortable with him. He is going to put his trust in Sampson. At this point Sampson is a safe bet.

A good AD (and jury is still out on whether HY is one) will have a list ready to go for his main jobs in case something happens suddenly, like your coach being heard on a wiretapped conversation talking about strong-ass offers, or your coach crashing his Harley with his blonde bimbo on the back and then lying about it. As I understand it, the way that list is compiled is you talk to other ADs, you observe coaches doing their jobs in person and on TV, and yes you talk to agents and see if their client would have any interest.

I agree that Sampson is a good bet, but HY had better have that list ready in case Tilman Fertitta breaks out the checkbook to keep KS in southeast Houston.

Sampson has his chance to impress tomorrow. 3 great ones have tonight.

I wonder what Yurachek’s timeline is for hiring a new coach? Recruiting is time-sensitive.

Isn’t Yurachek a basketball guy? I thought I read somewhere he played basketball in college. You would think he’d be pretty well connected.

HY played at a tiny D-III school in North Carolina, best known in hoops circles as the alma mater of World B Free (who couldn’t get into a big school, so he wound up at Guilford College). Not the best place to make those kind of connections.

When he met with the players he told the they’d have a new coach within three weeks. Same day Mike was fired. If we strike out with Sampson, this could get ugly.

He has lots of time to hire a new coach. Recruiting is basically over for this year since almost every player rated over a low 3 star has already signed. Whether he hires a new coach now or six months from now, will have little effect on the recruiting for 2020 and beyond.

But it will effect the players we currently have. If he waits too long, hires a coach, a majority of the players don’t want to play for him and transfer, then we are in deep trouble for next year.


Regardless of what happens, next year is going to be really tough.
The coaching change is not to salvage next year, it’s to hopefully move the trajectory of the program up in the future.

No need to make a hasty decision. Take your time and do it right.

There is some balance that needs to be there. Agree it shoukd not be hasty. But if it takes a lot of time, a good chance it us a desperate decision.