Well, Here We are Again - - Big Game!

Going into the A&M game, I said it was a big, big game that could open many oportunities. Of course, that was set up by the TCU win and a missed La Tech FG. Well, we left a lot of points on the field that night while A&M didn’t and we got beat soundly.

That meant the Bama game was just a game that were were almost certainly not going to win, so I could just watch and see what happened. Not a big deal really. That made us 0-2 in the SEC and a nonfactor again going into ole miss. I wanted to beat ole miss becasue they are ole miss and low scum, but again could watch and see what happened. We won. Great

Now, that brings us to Auburn, and we are back to that Big Game again. Not nearly as big as A&M as that ship has sailed and never to return this year. The stakes are not nearly as big, but they are still up there. That is what winning does. It makes the next game bigger. We are playing for 3rd in the SEC and that is not bad at all (not what I want, but still very nice) with a pretty nice reward if it happens (nice Bowl, ranking, and perhaps recruiting). Lose and we will play for another trip to Memphis or Houston or some such. OK, but not great. Win, and a FL Bowl is certainly possible as is a top 10 ranking (not bad), but we must win for that to happen.

All of that means another Saturday night on pins and needles playing a pro team with what many still believe has a God as a coach. They certainly have far more stars which we all know means we cannot possible beat them (oh, but so did ole miss and LSU the last 3 yrs.

Here we go - another big game. Isn’t it fun to be in the SEC?

You are right, Jim. Being in the SEC means that wins are sweeter and losses are more bitter. It also means that you are tested against the best. I like that.

Burn the plains…figuratively (of coarse)! :sunglasses: