We'll have a new basketball podcast this afternoon

I think you all will like this one. Lots of info, analysis and viewpoints.

Here it is. I hope you’ll give it a listen.

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Really enjoyed it, guys. My only question, why isn’t KK getting more consideration at PG? Is it the injury? He looked pretty good to me in Barnhill, and he is probably the best pure point on the roster.

I got to believe Lykes is ahead of KK in PG play with all the experience he has had.

I’m just wondering why Muss is saying it’s a 3 man battle for PG between Devo, JD, and Lykes. Again, is it the injury to KK that is keeping him out of this conversation?

It should be a battle between Lykes and KK. I think Lykes not learning the system as quick as Muss wants plus KK coming off the injury brings Devo into the discussion. Have a feeling that the current pecking order is Devo, Lykes and KK at this time.

Notae is another possibility. But if he becomes part of the discussion, it would mean both Lykes and KK are slow getting there.

However, by mid season I would think Lykes, JD, Devo, Toney or Umude and JWill becomes the starting unit with KK backing Lykes.

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I’m a point guard guy. Always have been. I was just as excited signing KK as I was signing Moses. I know everyone wants Muss to sign a dominant big, but the key to winning in college basketball is to dominate with your guards…ie, what Baylor just did. I really hope KK can get fully healthy and do what I know he can do. College bigs take way longer to develop.

Me too. PG focused. Agree with you on KK.

Good discussions about the PG situation. IMO, Muss said what he did about Lykes because he knows how good he can be as this team’s PG. He’s pushing him hard to be the best that he can be. I’m betting he knows that this overall team will be better if Lykes and KK can own the PG spot. In the end, he’s hoping that KK will end up the back-up and he won’t have to put Devo or JD there.

This team will be a better team if JD and Devo do not have to play PG at all. IMO, it weakens the team at 2 positions if that has to happen. JD is a great 2G and Devo is great at the 2/3 spot. Neither are great PGs, so by putting them at PG, it weakens the team in 2 different positions. I feel certain Muss recognizes this.


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