Well Gonzaga ain't a blueblood

Seems announcers and all callsl are very pro TT…Few is gonna blow a gasket here soon

Few is desperate to win a national championship. I wonder when he’ll finally realize it’s never going to happen for him at Gonzaga, and move on.

This year :wink:

Gonzaga just got hosed on that call. Guy from Tech had a clean block, but came down out of bounds, jumped back up grabbed the ball and threw it to his teammate

I saw that before the replay, glad they showed it again

Total hose job

What a way to lose. Wow

I’ve never seen this called in my life

I’ve never seen anyone make that foul before.

Tech won the game…one call didn’t determine the game…heck of a game by both teams. If the refs had let Houston/KY play like this game was played…Houston wins. I will be interested to see how the game is called tomorrow.

I’d love to have either of those coaches.

Oh, you’re correct, it wasn’t one call. There was a bad call, and a good call that I had actually never seen before. Both teams played good. TT in the last three minutes were finding bodies when blocking out. Give them all the credit in the world.

For whomever it was that was wondering how the UK/Auburn game will be called tomorrow, is there really any doubt? The whistles will blow against Auburn and in favor of UK per usual. The NCAA no doubt is bias towards the blue bloods and the onl hope you have is if you beat them by a safe margin where the refs simply can’t give them enough help to win the game.

I hope Auburn puts a beatdown on UK, but I wouldn’t put money on it, especially with the key injury to Okeke.

Go Hogs!

He’s close.

Real close

This is Few’s 20th season at Gonzaga. In the tournament every year, advanced past the first round 17 times, 9 SS, 3 EE and one national runnerup. Made at least the SS five straight years. Ranked #1 in the country in three different seasons, which I believe is exactly the number of years we’ve been ranked #1. If that isn’t a blueblood by now I don’t know what is. Obviously their conference is a problem, but they schedule very aggressively in nonconference and more than hold their own.

Swine you missed the point of this post and assume you didn’t watch the game. Few is one of the best, I said I’d take a brinks truck to Gonzaga and make him say no. The point here was the announcers and refs were gaga over TT all day. Sited great D all day but IMO Gonzaga got hosed and the awesome TT def was hacking Gonzaga all day. Thats what I meant by Gonzaga not being a blueblood cause I seriously doubt Kent, UNC, Duke, would get jobbed like that

I watched the entire game and if that’s the point you were trying to make it was well hidden.

Hum maybe read the 1st post I started this thread with hahaha doesn’t seem to be nothing hidden