Well, folks

this is always a possibility when there is a coaching change. Recruiting is about building relationships and the current staff haven’t been here long enough to build that relationship. Heck, we don’t even have a full staff yet. I just wish the kids would give them a chance before switching over, but hey it’s there life and they have to do what they feel is best for them.

Going to be a lot of NFL openings …is Brian Kelly someone that would be a candidate for some of them?

Sorry, don’t buy it, Lunney is lead recruiter on the ones that flipped, and the one we couldn’t talk into coming. They are performing below expectations. In my 40 years I don’t recall 3 of the states top 4 recruits not coming to us. still time but they need to hurry to live up to CBB’s standard of first year recruiting. Also several other schools including 4 SEC schools hired coaches in the same time frame and they are blowing us away in the results department, how come this excuse doesn’t seem to be needed for them?

FWIW, Bohanon was never coming. You look at Baylor’s depth at QB vs Arkansas and that’s your answer.

If you’re talking rankings you’re not going to have much of a ranking with eight signees. At the end of the day they won’t in Feb either with 15 or 16 signees.

This is it in a nutshell - IMO this pitiful class size is one of the results of the ‘uncommon’ program that BB established. I thought the world of BB as a person. However, his recruiting diminished from year 1 to 5 like it was going down a drain - his staff settled on kids that should have been playing at UCA, ASU or a regional La. school. The compounding factor - and not knocking walk-ons, but you cant have as many as we have and compete with the recruited athletes attending SEC schools. The kids that have moved on from Arkansas commitments (or Bohanon, take a hard look at his offers - a small school superstar against zero competition) this recruiting cycle were never going to be ‘game-changers’ - however, I think CM may have secured the ones who may well one day be stars. Lets give this staff a couple of years and see the results.


If you’re talking rankings you’re not going to have much of a ranking with eight signees. At the end of the day they won’t in Feb either with 15 or 16 signees.

[/quote]This is the blessing in disguise, there are players from the last two classes. Moreover, I get the sense that Morris is doing more recruiting for next year than this year.

As to next year, you may be right. I think winter program and spring break will turn up more openings as this will be start of culture change for those currently on campus. Adding defensive staff will give more complete focus as well. Cm has said he will retain some slots for opportunities down the road too

Small recruiting this go around yes, but 2 good redshirt classes to build on.
Not worried.

The idea behind this is small class is actually a good thing. Retention of players helps the APR and should help the team on the field as there will be many upperclassmen in the coming years. Obviously, new coach will mean some of our players will leave for what they may see as greener grass, but if CM can add 8 to 10 solid recruits to the eight already signed, then it will be a good class no matter what the rankings say.

I value your insight Richard, but your reply seemed more like an excuse. Losing 3 of the top 4 in-state recruits is not a good sign, regardless of why. New regime did not have a lot of time to establish relationships, but that was the case for many other SEC schools… and we did keep our in-state recruiting coach who was the lead guy on them… and CCM has been hailed as a unique offensive mind that is a first rate recruiter with unlimited access to the riches in Texas HS football… and they were in-state recruits.

I fully admit I was not in favor of a coaching change. I felt given the inevitable disruption a coaching change would cause, coupled with the number of coaching changes around us, plus the new signing period… I was afraid we could end up with less than desirable choices due to the competition for HCs, possibly lose out on essentially a full yr of recruiting and pending the style of play the new HC brings, possibly need another full scale overhaul of the roster due to incompatibility with style of play (happened with CBB and now again with CCM). I totally get why others wanted a change, I just felt this was the worst time for the change and that remaining patient might have been a wiser alternative for now.

Regardless, the decision was made and this is the new path we have in front of us. I am a Hog fan and have been my entire life. I will support the new coaching staff and I am anxious to see and get to know them as they come on board. That said, I am extremely concerned we have not made the task ahead an easier. Recruiting is where it all starts and given the drastic change in style of play I am concerned at how long it might be before our new coach gets “his kind of guys” on the field to execute his style of offense.

I learned a long time ago that you only get one chance to make a first impression. That is often a very unfair reality, and likely is in this case for CCM. Regardless, in a little over two months CCM will have his first class in place and we can all judge for ourselves at that time. Some will mention the unfair circumstances while others will preach accountability and results. Both will have some valid perspectives to share. Regardless, it will play a part in determing a key part of our roster over the next few years… and maybe more importantly… it will start to make our first impression of the Chad Morris era at the U of A. It may not be fair, but he needs to overcome the excuses to make this a win.

So, for the two weeks while we waited on Gus, what was the staff suppose to sell? “Coach XYZ is going to really love you”, “you’ll really fit into his scheme, whatever that may be” , yeah, good luck with that. Those that flipped already had one foot out the door before the season ended, and the other one wanted us to only recruit one QB in this class, so sorry, I’m not going to place any blame on losing those guys in this class. Of course, they did flip one, and get another guy with great offers, so that’s something.

Signing Period when BB was hired. REALLY difficult for Newly hired Coaches to recruit, hire assistants, etc…
Those that think the sky is falling for losing recruits with all the obstacles… I suspect don’t like the hire and are looking for reasons to complain.

Not sure I’ve heard anyone say the “sky is falling”. However, I have heard some concerns… and I share them… and as I stated earlier, time will tell. We’ll get a first look in Feb when signings are completed… probably another data point in the Spring… and of course the rubber hits the road next Fall. Personally, I don’t see this being a quick turn around given the disparity in styles from the old regime to the new. Hopefully many of the players we have on hand can translate well into the new systems, but this looks like the reverse of what we experienced in the changeover CBB did when he came into the job. To me that is just the reality we have in front of us… and I do not believe that constitutes “looking for reasons to complain”.

Everyone knows this is going to be a bad situation for a few years. Just in time to make another coaching change. We’ve never been last in the SEC in recruiting, and now we are. It’s unacceptable.

It’s disappointing to now have such low expectations with this program.

You are stating your opinion as fact once again. “Everyone” does not know it’s going to be a bad situation for a few years. Many people believe we have hired a recruiter that can make a difference both at home and particularly in Texas. Among those many people are Texas high school coaches who have some influence over the kids they coach. From all reports we will only sign 14-16 players this year. That won’t get you a very high ranking. And that is a fact.

Hey Eli, I believe you could throw Elmo in the Chicken Little “the sky is falling club”
My personal opinion is we all have reservations about what our future as Hog fans hold,
but never been one to criticize until I see the results on the field. Yes I would love that
fence around the state, but more than anything I want to see a competitive program. Some
on here appear to not so much care if we win, but to only be proven right in their opinions!!!

Well said…
I will be rooting for CCM and the Hogs… I just hope everyone has enough patience (we can always hope).