Well darn

Gafford and Mike are gone… IMO

And by far coaching at Arkansas is last place as a coach

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DD likes him, I LIKE MIKE>

But 8 years , 8 YEARS and this???

THIS is what is going to happen. SEVERAL coaching changes or He’s gone.


Gafford yes,

MA no… he gets one more year but his seat is red, red hot

Don’t think he’ll be forced to make coaching changes or roster changes… Will be left up to him but will also be made very clear he better get things right next year or that’s it… how he attempts to do that will be up to him


Why did I get brought up in this?

Do I like him? Yes.

I like most people, just the way I have chosen to go about my life

But whether I Iike somebody or not will not change my coverage of that person.

Same reason you get brought up in the Self is a slimeball mentions, and the Jimmy Dykes is a tool mentions. You have a closer relationship to them than everyone else, so your “guilty by association” and get the brunt of the BS cause we can’t say it to them personally.

By the way, this isn’t me knocking you Dudley, I believe we’ve spoke about this before, I and many others here have great respect for you, but we may not for 2 of those three, and some may not for all three. Unfortunately, your relationships with them get you brought into stuff. Whether it should or not (my opinion is it shouldn’t)

I fully realize that, but I enjoyed working for Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson and would not trade that for hardly anything

I was just curious why it just popped up out of the blue by the OP

So what’s the call, Dudley? Is Mike finished at the UofA or do we get another year of this madness?

As I have noted several times, it would be unethical for me to call for a coach to be fired or hired.

I would say that people I have talked to this week have said that the fact that announcement of NR’s name going on the court next season was probably a sign from the powers that be that there will not be a change after this season

Dudley you and Richard are 2 people that post information that I believe and trust! While I enjoy reading your articles and seeing your comments there are times you take the side of folks that irritate people and that includes me! Jimmy Dykes blows about how hard JohnCalipari and other slim balls are and how they outwork other coaches. You get associated too those people at times for standing up for them and not paying attention to the position he takes with the issue. Like LSU this year and how great of a job Will Wade had done at LSU even after the first time Wade’s name was mentioned in the FBI scandal.
John Calipari has been caught cheating everywhere he has coaches and he supports him no matter what. It would be nice when the hogs are playing for announcers to tak about the game in front of them and not Kentucky when they aren’t playing even that day!

I am sorry DD if that hurt you feelings. DID NOT try to drag you into to this. I just think you do a great job and I was using you as a representative of the press and me as a rep of of a lot of fans. IMO we are in between the middle of a rock and a hard place.

ANYBODY please explane to me how we can be any better next year. WHO in the world are we going to have any better line up better than this year.

LOOK AT the class and that should explain the situation pretty clearly. The future is NOT bright for Razorback basketball. IMO. At best even.

I understand that, but I don’t say anything that I don’t feel or believe

As much as some want me to be, I am not a fan so I don’t look through things through the same prism that some do.

I didn’t get into this to be universally liked and won’t change to be that either.

I know more people would like me if I was more negative about coaches, players, etc., but that’s not who I am or who I will become

If you know my story, you know why.

But I don’t get mad at you guys if you are overly positive or negative.

Better than me

You didn’t hurt my feelings. I was curious because it was out of left field. Thanks for explaining

Most beat sports writer will not talk bad about coaches because they might loose their access to the teams and then what would they report on?