Well crud

Giving up three homers in a row was just too much to overcome. Plus, their starter pitched his arse off.

I guess 5 wasn’t enough.

Dang. Hate game 3’s in supers.

Don’t worry. We’re gonna win. They have nothing left in their bullpen and we do. We will clinch tomorrow.

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I tend to agree general, but who will our starting pitcher be?

Wiggins and I think he’s due for a killer start.

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Didn’t understand why we pulled Our starter so early. Hope we get the lead and build on it tomorrow.

Should have brought Kopps in sooner. Costieu starts getting hit, time to pull him.

I understood leaving in Costieu initially. BUT…I do think Dave left him in too long. I mean…after the second homer at LEAST get him out. Not sure what the thinking was there. But Dave knows baseball a million times better than me.

But it is a fan’s privilege to debate what happened. And I was yelling “get him out!” after the 2nd homer.

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I will never understand it. DVH has a once in a lifetime weapon in Kopps, a guy who only gets stronger the more he pitches. Yet he pitches Costieu, who might as well be pitching BP. We had a chance to send NC State home with their tails between their legs, but now we face elimination again.

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we sure don’t have any good starting pichers…supprised we were able win what we did with only one so so starter and the best reliever in baseball.

Start Kopps Sunday! Period. We will never have a weapon like him again. NC State’s bats are awake now. I don’t trust Wiggins, or honestly anybody but Kopps and Wick. Quit messing around, and finish this!

OMG We are doomed. General Hog is always 100% wrong. We’re dooooomed!!!

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Hey, hey, hey, I’ve gotten a few right.

Another advantage Arkansas has tomorrow is I won’t be able to watch.

We agree frequently but not on this one. I’m going with whoever I need to go with to get to the 6th or 7th inning. Then I bring in Kopps. We need the bats to swing!

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I’m in the middle of these opinions. I don’t think he should start. We need him in the 8th and 9th innings.

That said, if I were DVH I would pretty much plan to have Kopps in by the 5th inning. Maybe later if we have a sizable lead. Maybe even in the 4th or 3rd(aka Nebraska) if things are getting sideways. But I would have a VERY SHORT leash an everyone tomorrow that is not named Kevin.

Of all the non-Kopps pitchers I have seen recently, I am not so sure Noland isn’t looking the best, frankly. Give him the ball. I don’t think the moment would be too big for him

No. I trust DVH on this. Our other pitchers are good enough to give us a decent start. We need Kopps late, not early. Now, if we have a lead in the 4th or 5th, I could see bringing him in then, but what if he starts & tires, we have no one we can really trust to shut the other team down.

We need to get lots of runs tomorrow. If we do, we will win. If we’re held to 5 or less, I doubt we do.

I knew we were going to lose. General Hog is always wrong. He’s a curse for the Hogs. Ban him Clay!!!

Ouch! I’ve been the positive person on this board during baseball season and predicted we’d win all our series, and we did, so my wrong to right ratio this baseball season is hugely skewed to the being right side.

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