Well Crawford just Decommitted

Just tweeted it out.

Sorry I know this isn’t the recruiting board, but seems relevant here.

Flood gates.

From what I heard, that had nothing to do with the play of the team up to this point.


Hard for me to believe but ok.

Also kind of beside the point, since recruiting is all this staff has going for them right now.

Good Lord…

Just saying what I heard. Issues beyond team play are at hand.

Please… what will the excuse be when French bails?

Not an excuse, just what I heard from a buddy close to the situation.

French is bailing soon as well.

Maybe so. With Tennessee winning, it might be so.

No matter the reason, it’s certainly a major blow at this point to our recruiting class. We will just have to wait and see if our staff will be able to keep the majority of this next class together or not.
We will all find out together and hope the the best, but won’t be surprised if several others may opt to look at their options.

Go Hogs!