Well, coaching search of course!.

Whatever the current equivalent of a Wilson Matthews is go get him . If that is CBL ok. Otherwise we will continue to lose AR kids. I know that CBL is the Guy for AR High Schools , but we will not be competitive if we cannot keep the bigs in State, like we do not have that many. Hope CCM can turn that around otherwise we will suck on the HILL.

Look at the recruits we are going after for this class and nxt yrs class. Night and day difference when CBB was here. On another not this coaching staff is coming together awesomely well.

Guys/Ladies? - What I have been doing is going to Yahoo (i’m sure google or any other search would work) and put in Whole Hog Sports. When the link appears, usually 1st-2nd line) I click on football, not Whole Hog Sports. This will take you to the index page for Whole Hog Sports where you can select forums or any of the other lines shown. Little bit of a long way to get there, but it does work smoothly. I am having the same issue as shown above.

When you are on the forum page you can save it to your homepage Of whatever you are using, then click on that icon and it will direct you to the forum page fast and easy.