Well Card's fans

Who’d a thunk a team with concrete gloves and anemic hitting could sweep anybody? When’s the last time you saw anybody win a series by the scores of 2-1, 2-1 and 2-1?

Winning streak started when Jhonny found the pine.


Not to defend JP, but I think good pitching and Pirate ineptness had more to do with the sweep than Jhonny not playing,That was still a very bad infield and other than Fowler busting out today, there wasn’t much Offense either. A most unlikely sweep.

On the plus, the ole Siegrist/Rosenthal hold/save, only 3 out, and at Home winning record :smiley:

Yeah, an unlikely sweep!

The Cardinals have a strong starting pitching staff, but little hitting and poor defense…not a good combination. Luckily for them, the Cubs are good, but the rest of the division is weak. I expect the Cards to battle for a playoff spot.