Well boys, time to strap it up - a little nervous

I expect a lot of tension in the air as the 4th Q winds down.

If you offered me a one point win right now I’d gladly take it.


I will take 16 1 pt wins in a row.

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Cincy will get pounded: 34-10

I sure hope you are right. I am very concerned about this game. Just my nature.

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The fact that our fans seem so confident makes me nervous.


Alabama and Georgia fans are nervous. It’s part of the deal.

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The Hogs are good, Greg. Cincy lost a lot. I’m confident about this one.


if the defense is better the Hogs will beat Bama at home this year. That is going to be one crazy weekend if both teams are undefeated. That is the game I want for Sam and the players/fans. I think the Hogs beat Cincinnati this weekend.

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Woa, getting just a little ahead of ourselves

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Cincy’s OL is huge and they’re all Sr or R-Sr. I’m nervous…

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Cincy has two receivers that run 4.3 40s, so over the top has to be the big concern.

I expect Cincy to sell out to stop the run.

I expect us to sell out to try and stop the pass.

Our defensive line’s ability to pressure + better blitz game is critical. (not exactly our strength)

Their defensive line’s ability to stop the run is critical for them.

This will be a close game that we could easily lose unless we find a way to run the football.

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Much like what we face week in and week out in the SEC. We finally started holding our own against those teams, possibly by playing keep away. But if that’s what it takes, go with it. As someone else said earlier, turnovers could turn the game.

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We can see their speed and raise with Sategna, Sanders, Landers, and Hornsby (at times at WR). Cincy should worry about our WR speed and the overall depth of our WR corps if they sell out to stop the run. That would be suicidal. Our OL is nothing to sniff at. It should be able to provide protection and open holes.

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If I were Cincinnati that is exactly what I would try to do, I would try to run it straight up the pipe make us have to stop the run and then throw it over the top see if we really can play man to man defense.

I am nervous about the outcome and we should be anytime we play a top 25 team.

But they lost a lot on defense and their offense put up just 6 points on Alabama while we put 35 on them in Tuscaloosa. Play smart and win the turnover battle and the win should follow. We crossed Alabama’s Goal line 5 times while Cincinnati failed to cross it once on a neutral field. I do like our chances.

Yep youdaman, that is what I fear. I think we will win. But our front is unproven. I do think Pitt went out and got himself some edge pass rushers. But I am concerned about, as you say, getting the ball run right up the pipe at us. The Cincy o-line is big, strong, and experienced.

The Hogs are not beating Bama this year, even if the defense improves from last year. Saban is going to have one of his better teams this year at Bama.

We struggled to stop the run last year. I don’t necessarily see a vast improvement coming this year due to the Dline situation.

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One game is not a trend… Both Cincy and the Hogs lost to Bama…that’s closer to a trend. To me, the difference is that Cincy has had a whole month to prepare for the Hogs, perhaps their most important game of the first season; that’s why they haven’t defined a starting QB; this is their big game. Cincy will give it their best shot. But, if what Pittman says is true about what he’s seen, the Hogs should cover.

I’m hoping our linebacker corps is one of the very best in the nation. That should make us capable of stopping the run. I guess it exposes some weaknesses in the pass game if we can’t rely on our d line to stop the run though. Having a beast d lineman busting through double teams consistently sure does cover up a lot of mistakes otherwise. I don’t know if we have that guy. We may have to execute perfectly in unison as a team every play on defense to beat A&M and alabama. Surely we can stop the run vs Cincinnati though. I think we are going to dodge a bullet with them not starting their athletic running qb.