Well boys, time to strap it up - a little nervous

about starting with Cincy and our schedule in general. Still not too far removed from those 2 win seasons I suppose. But I do think CSP is in the process of building a sustainable force in the SEC. We have to recruit better on the DL and build more depth


Heck bayouhog, after what I’ve seen over the past two years and reading what has been written in WHS and the forum therein, for the first time in many years I’m fired up for our playing in the final four!

We would be in Hog Heaven for sure, but the stars would have to seriously align!! No injuries, some of our DL playing out of their minds, lead the nation in plus turnover margin, etc.

No problem. Relax and enjoy the ride. For the first season in a looong time, the Hogs will be very competitive with a chance to win every game on the schedule including Bama at home.
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I understand nerves because of the teams Arkansas will play, but I think the Razorbacks have a good team that will compete well in every game.


not trying to start anything matt, but we could compete in every game and go 3-9. name of game is winning. i think we can win 8 to 10 regular season games but the injuries concern me. offensive center concerns me if stromburg goes down. from what i read we’re using kutas as a backup at times in camp.

and KJ needs to stay healthy. we are thin at QB.

can’t find much info on Cincinnati but their coach is a very good one.

just nervous i guess.

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The two things to know about Cincy is they lost their QB and most of their defense. What they have coming back is good, mind you, but not CFP good.

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Their QB is a senior (maybe a senior+). He threw for a 140 pass efficiency rating last year. This season he gets to play behind an offensive line and TE that are all rated as among the best in the AAC. And Cincy’s LBs are among the nations best units.

Our guys will need to come ready to play and play well.


This is a really important year for rebuilding the program.

We have expectations—mostly reasonable ones at that. (I saw one article that said a talking head picked us to win 10 games this season. That would be beyond fantastic—and I think possible with KJ at the helm, but maybe not probable. I think 9 is more likely.)

This year we go from being the fun, trendy pick to the logical, rational conclusion.

It starts with winning this first game against a really good opponent. (All respect to Cinci and Fickel. If we don’t punch them in the mouth in the first half, I’m going to be really nervous about the second half.)

What I would hate to see is us become trapped in that A&M zone of high expectations and illogical losses. That’s football purgatory, and it’s miserable.

If we lose to Bama, I’ll be upset, but I get it.

If we lose to Mizzouri this year, I’m going to be angry, not just disappointed. But, the anger is a sign of positive growth.

It’s going to be a really interesting season. I think this squad is more than up for the challenge. I’m hyped up and ready to watch.


Fickell hasn’t named his starter yet. It might be the returnee, Evan Prater, who had a PER of 115. Ben Bryant is the one with the 140 last year – at Eastern Michigan, The MAC ain’t the SEC or even the AAC.

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I think the offense has a chance to be really explosive. Really intriguing pieces all over that side of the ball. Defensively, you have great leadership at each level. Defensive tackle is maybe where I have the most question marks, but I think Deke Adams has made an impact in a short amount of time and will have guys ready, perhaps some who are under the radar at this point. Sam really likes his team and the way it approaches work. I expect Arkansas to compete in every game, be in every game and win plenty. I’m not sure about repeating 9 wins, but wouldn’t rule it out.


I’m nervous, too, and expect the feeling to last all season. Lots of nail-biters.

After all, ESPN’s FP! rankings.have us 25th in the country–and dead last in the West (in the sense that six West teams are ranked higher).

I am hoping 8-4 is the floor.

Cincinnati lost 7 starters on defense. Bama ran for 300 on them in the CFP with those LB’s. We led the P5 last year in rushing with a 221 ypg average. We have 4/5 returning OL starters, KJ and 3 stud running backs. We will run all over them and win by 17 or more.

They had 10 players drafted. They aren’t Bama or UGA and simply just reload.

Our fans need to realize that we have a good team now and not worry as much. The days of losing 52-6 in SEC games and losing to G5 teams are gone.


I really dunno. Our fans / journalists optimism has not been a very good gauge in the past. That is one daunting schedule.

Ask me Sunday morning after I have watched the game a couple of times.

Quote of the Month

I feel like we have a for sure 8 to 9 win team and with some really good breaks a “Special Season” 11 wins…but I also unfortunately feel like with this schedule we could be better statistically on both sides of the ball and only win 6 games. I am definitely taking the over of 7.5 games though.

Been told Deke Adams really focuses on technique more so than what’s happened in the past.

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Relax everyone. This game is going to be no contest.
UA…Campus of Champions

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Honestly I want to see Evan Prater in action. He could be a real game changer for them. I know they lost a great quarterback and they say lightening doesn’t strike twice or whatever. But you never know. If they want to hang with the hogs they are going to need something more than just a veteran passer and decision maker. How about a top 50 recruit that turned down power 5 schools and the negative recruiting about Luke fickel leaving for a better job? A two sport star that stayed in his hometown. A stud athlete and hometown hero. If they want to defy expectations and surprise the college football world Saturday, this is their guy. I’d like to see our linebacker corp take him on. It’s going to be a real test for our defense. I think winning the turnover battle will be the key.

My only real concern is the possibility that Cincy’s very good o-line dominates our front in the run game. It Cincy can run it and make us load the box to stop the run, they have a chance to hurt us.Our D-line has to prove itself. I feel very good about every other position group on the squad. I think we have a chance to be VERY good. IF the D-line turns out to be salty. We shall see.


Just play one game at a time. Think Turnovers will be HUGE in this game. If we can force several turnovers and not turn the ball over we should win.

The last two years were rebuilding years. 9-4 in a rebuilding year is pretty good. We are through the rebuilding stage (In this cycle) and are close to where we want to be now and that means we can beat any team in the country if we play to our capabilities. Sam has built this right. So let the games begin and enjoy the ride!!