Well, Auburn would know about benefiting from calls

“Auburn QB says Alabama benefited from controversial calls against Arkansas”

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I’m pretty sure large segments of every fan base believes their team gets screwed over regularly.

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black

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It’s interesting he has been vocal about SEC Refs - that call they got last year to win vs Ark - will remain infamy fir a long time

Auburn and Alabama accuse each other of all kinds of stuff. It goes on year around. It gets very personal. It divides families. It’s UGLY.

The same goes on with Ole Miss and MSU. It might even be worse in Mississippi.

Aren’t you glad UA doesn’t have an in state rival?


When theres football fans from across the country calling about bad calls and bias refs you know it’s true. It’s nothing new. But when replay let those bias or bogus call stand it confirms his corrupt the old money wagon is.

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The MS deal is brutal. I lived there a couple of years, and have many State friends. Good thing they don’t allow guns into the game because they would be used and those folks know how to use them.
I will be Hail State Thursday night.


Yes. I hope we are smart enough to learn from Alabama and Mississippi.

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