Well, at least we are not last place in the Sunbelt!!

But we are certainly only 1 up from the bottom of the SunBelt. You of course, know where that puts us in the SEC.

Arkansas State toyed with this bunch in Jonesboro at their Homecoming 51-14. My buddies up there left in 3rd quarter to get back to their tailgating.

Several sent me texts today making fun of the Hogs.

Another complete and utter embarrassment for the program.

Yes,fourth in the Eastern division behind Georgia, SC and Mizzou but ahead of Kentucky, Tennessee and Vandy. OK, maybe only tied with Kain Tuck.

Come on guys, you all know we are undefeated in the Sun Belt this year.

No,but we are dead last in the SEC west. Ole Miss won and put us back in the cellar alone. We are dead last with 3.SEC games left. We will be the underdog in every game.

But we’re so close!!