Well Arkansas isn’t only team

getting hosed by no call by officials. That catch that set up TB winning field goal was obvious offensive pass interference but it would never be called against Tom Brady. Both announcers agreed with me. It makes me sick! I do believe Dallas will be a much better team this year. Go Cowboys!

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I thought it was a push off, too.

It was a flop. The elbow never flexed. Stayed in same position and never moved away from body.


I think they were both handsy.

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His arm extended… they even showed that on the replay and commented on it…it was a push but both were engaged… technically should have been called but… it happens.

The retired ref the network used said it was offensive pass interference. I guess he definitely thought it was a push. I did, too.

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any arm extension usually results in a PI,definitely would if we did it. TB got a break,

Correct… that’s what I was taught when I was a ref… one of the key things to look for

Nothing wrong with and extended arm. Just can’t extend it to push. I know what they commented on but only matters what the sideline ref thought right. I mean if we are gonna talk about what others think as a point.

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Well, in my mind only thing that matters is what I think. To each his own. No problem here if you don’t agree. And I’m no fan of the Cowboys.

Agree… but it sure looked to me like he pushed… but you’re right, the only opinion that really matters was they guy who throws the flag…or in this case didn’t.

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