Well, Arkansas has a chance to wake up

LSU victory now sets the stage for AR to make something of themselves. Will they? There should be no lack of motivation. I’ll confess, I’m giving my tickets away and watching the game from the deer woods. I was there today though. But I’m going to do something next weekend I won’t be disappointed with.

We got beat by a 3rd string QB. The LSU QB is elite. We will be overwhelmed.

Probably so, coach and players should go on vacation (or stay on it). Let’s just forfeit.

Sure seems like it

We’re heading down to Camp tomorrow to reset our feeders. I have tickets and I’m disappointed in the team. However, I still going to the game.

Day late and a dollar short.

IMO we will be lucky to win 1 game.

SO our goal is to become bowl eligible, mercy…


Maybe we will shock the world. I’m not hopeful, but who the hell knows? Still hate the 11 AM time slot.

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I’m not predicting anything but sounds like you should go to practice tomorrow and tell them all to quit.

Hey, hey hey, I’m just stating what I see.

Just maybe motivate the kids…

Yea what I see is if they don’t figure it out, they’ll get whipped. I’m not sure they will figure it out, which is why I’m going to the deer woods. But if they want redemption, they have the opportunity.

Our OL is just a mind boggling point to this game today.

OL and KJ was not himself. KJ ran the first play and boom he disappeared for awhile… Game over by then.

If not himself, maybe he will appear himself when we play LSU? If OL is mindboggling, maybe you’ve see then perform much better and they perform that way against LSU?

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We cant recruit w them. Their coaches are better and they have better players. Face it, we can only beat them 2 or 3 out of ten years. Their program is just better than ours. When will we realize we are a second tier at best football program at best.


We catch them at the perfect time next week. Well, maybe not the perfect time with 11 am, but still…I think this one goes to the wire and I like the Hogs chances to bounce back

You can’t count on arkansas football to do anything.

I can think of a few things

Make something of themselves?! They have already done that, very well.

The Aggie and Bama and MSStste game and liberty game and MOState game, they have demonstrated, very clearly, who they are . A crappy football team. Horrible OC, prone to TO’s and penalties and very very very predictable play. Calling. Terrible pass D, suspect punting, can’t force a TO at all.

It is the third year of pittman’s tenure. What did you expect? He took over a team with a terrible sec losing streak and back to back 2-10 seasons. Recruiting was terrible THEN covid happened and shut down recruiting.

First team goes 3-7 vs a killer schedule

Second year 9-4 vs a killer schedule and first year of recruiting

Third year vs a killer schedule 5-4 and should be 7-2 with a few different plays.

Got a ton of former walk ons and two stars playing meaningful minutes and they are battling.

Recruiting is getting better.

In the 90’s I remember jack Crowe going to independence bowl before fired

Danny ford took team to the car quest bowl but that was it

Nutt, with Ford’s recruits played citrus and a couple cotton bowls with Vegas thrown in there.

Petrino is only true measure of sustained success and he wasn’t recruiting so that was probably gonna end just like it did.

Pittman briles Odom and staff are guys who can get jobs at big schools but choose to be here. Now in another 2-3 years then we can see if foundation is properly laid. Let’s give them mark stoops timeline and see what they can build.


I’m so happy for the hogs that they have fans like you. I was one, for 45 years or so. They will need you in the future, so keep it up.

This is not sarcastic at all.
I’m just broken, as a fan, so I’ll focus elsewhere in my life, but please stay this loyal to our crappy football program