Well, another runner stranded on 3rd

Runners on the corners with less than 2 outs & we leave ‘em stranded. Now LSU has 2 straight doubles to take the early lead.

Ben McDonald, allegedly neutral for the SEC network, can’t hide his excitement for LSU.

It’s a long game! Mute the idiot announcers like I do and you won’t have to listen to them! When the game is over then listen if the hogs win! There’s not an announcer in any sport on any network that respects our hogs! Stop listening to them!

we’re in trouble unless we can hit a hanging breaking ball

Well, that 2 run HR by Fletch sure changed things for the better. Second time through the lineup. Maybe we’ll get to this guy now.

If they leave Hilliard on the mound for 2 more innings LSU will be behind by 3 or 4 runs.

Hilliard got lucky on that DP. He’s seen his last batter, though. Hope the line on their BP is correct. We need some more runs.