Well, 5-1 start in the SEC is good

Getting a sweep at home and then winning a series on the road against a team that appears to be as good as MU is really big. Lots of baseball to play, but I’m very encouraged by this team’s play. We have several big hitters. More than I recall in a long time. Pitching is good. Fielding is pretty good. (Shaddy made a very good play today & had no errors.)

At 5-1 we should be tied for first. Not sure how many teams we’ll be tied with, but no one is ahead of us.

Winning a series on the road is big. There is a lot of baseball to be played and every series in the SEC is going to be tough.

Great start by the Hogs. This appears to be a well balanced team. The long ball sure helps.

Go Hogs!!!

yes have to admit I didnt see this in this team…still worried about the bullpen but when you can hit the HR you never out of a game.

Missouri looks like a good team, so winning there was big. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen from the Razorbacks the past few weeks. It is a well-rounded team. The offense can pick up the pitching or vice versa. There really isn’t a bad loss yet.

I’m really not surprised at this team based on Van Horn’s track record. Of course the Pitching Coach hire was huge.

Getting some players to come back was big. I thought Shaddy might leave early. I also expected Taccolini to take even the small money that was given.

Grant Koch is a stud. And Jax Biggers is much better than I anticipated.

Defensively, I think we have seen some of the best infielders ever in college. Biggers at SS, Wernes at 3B, and Ficociello have been amazing. Now which is a better defensive catcher, McCann or Koch?

I wasn’t sure about the team a month ago.
Consider me 100% bought in.
Love what this team brings to the table. Biggers is a stud. Shaddy cant field, but hits a ton and Koch is an absolute rockstar.

And the pitching has been sick.

Just a fun team to watch and listen to on the radio.

Agreed with everything

Wish we could hide Shaddy at DH

I’m very reluctant to second guess a coach’s decision on who to play & where. I always know they know more than I do. However, I too have wondered why Shaddy can’t be a DH. His hitting is great, but his fielding has not been good. I trust DVH, but I’d love to know his thinking on this.

I have loved Jaxon Williams at 2B since I saw him there in the fall. But you do have to get Shaddy in the lineup. I love the flexibility that DVH has this year. Last year there were few choices at several positions.

I’m with you on this. Was wondering if DVH might have a player on the bench recovering from injury, that could be the regular second baseman soon.

No, I think Shaddy will most likely be the starting second baseman. Jaxon Williams does not appear to be a reliable hitter. Too many strikeouts, 12 in 34 at bats. He had some success at the plate early, then tailed off and the strikeouts built up.