Welcome to our new message boards, Whole Hog Sports, Powered by Hawgs Illustrated. This is our main football board, and it’s a place that any conversations about Razorback sports take place. Our editorial team – Clay Henry, Dudley Dawson, Matt Jones, Richard Davenport and Jimmy Carter will frequent the premium board and answer questions there.

This is a big day, and it’s a move that I dreamed about and supported. It was a chance to unite our coverage team.

Thank you for your support to our new merged site, with Whole Sports and Hawgs Illustrated.

If you have followed us from Scout.com, your subscription is in place here, too. I would encourage you to cancel your old sub at Scout.com so it does not automatically renew. The number is (888) 501-5752.

Our Hawgs Illustrated office number remains the same: 800-757-6277.

Clay Henry, Publisher, Hawgs Illustrated

If I cancel my scout subscription, will that affect what happens here?

A few questions:

  1. Will any of the content from the Insider Scout forums (say the last 3 months of posting) be transferred to the new Whole Hog Sports forums?

  2. Should we stop using the old Scout forums?

  3. Are Dudley and Clay going to stop using the old Scout forums from now on?

Edit - I just saw where Baumbastic answered these questions which I also posted on the old Scout board. She answered with 1. none transferred; 2. yes 3. yes.

If you are already a paid subscriber to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette do you still have to pay a separate fee to access this site and if not then how do you convert a combined HI Magazine and Website subscription to just the magazine?

I like the new look. Must be some awesome top secret stuff coming, as much info as I had to provide to log in.

When I called scout to cancel they asked me why and I told them because these two had joined together so I no longer needed their service. The customer service rep then proceeded to tell me they had been experiencing technical problems, that hawgsillustrated was still on the scout network, and if I would go to another website it would be fixed shortly. I told him I was confident in canceling and he then agreed. Will my monthly withdrawal still continue or do i need to take care of that another way. If this is answered somewhere else I apologize.

Since you cancelled, your monthly withdrawal will stop.

I look forward to even better coverage and information from Clay etal. Glad to see Scout gone.

OK. I re-registered and can access the new site (obviously).

Do I cancel my yearly Hawgs Illustrated membership? I’m guessing the auto-billing they do at year end is via Scout.

Will there be a new way to subscribe to this board and magazine?

I’m in Madison, AL and not a Dem-Gaz subscriber.

  1. I intended to respond to Marty’s post, but I think this thingy is placing me down the line on Clay’s original Welcome message. If so, I don’t like that and has that feature been taken away?
  2. Before I call Scout to cancel, is this the Premier message board, or just something new?
    2a. To answer my own question, this is the new Premier message board, and I called Scout and cancelled my subscription. Clay said our subscription will continue without break on this new board, I think.
  3. I do not see the “new” feature on replies to posts. (This sorta ties in with my No. 1 above, but not necessarily.)
  4. I am anxious to learn if I will drop my log in just by traveling to another section of Tuscalooser on this new board. Will let you know.
    4a. To answer my own question, I did have to log back in once I moved to another cell tower in town. Was hoping that aggravation would go away.
  5. Replies to these essential questions seem real slow, considering the excitement in finally being here.
  1. This is it, Fred.
  2. The little image in front of each post (the circle with lines in it) is red if there are unread posts and black if you have read them all. When you read a post, it is automatically marked as read. YEA!

so you are saying to cancell my subscription to the old website? If I do that, what happens to the magazine publication - will it have a new separate fee?

This is what I’m asking.

I just called Scout and he told me there was some issue that they’re trying to rectify and offered me free membership to stay part of the scout network but I told him thanks but no thanks and to go ahead and cancel my account.

If you are a newspaper subscription, you do not have to pay extra for this site. You can use the email associated with your newspaper account to login, or the login you use for either ArkansasOnline.com or NWADG.com.

We will honor your existing Scout subscription even if you cancel to that network. Once that expires, you will need to subscribe here to continue reading Hawgs Illustrated content.

For new subscription options, visit wholehogsports.com/subscribe.

Proud to be on board… This is something that is new for me making Post and replying to comments…

like it looking forward to a great football and basketball season…oh and baseball…

FAQ says the combined price for ADG and HI is $33, which means you will pay only $5 for HI.