Welcome to our new message boards, Whole Hog Sports, Powered by Hawgs Illustrated. This is our recruiting board, and it’s a place that any conversations about Razorback recruiting take place. Our recruiting writers – Dudley Dawson and Richard Davenport – will frequent the premium board and answer questions there.

This is a big day, and it’s a move that I dreamed about and supported. It was a chance to unite our coverage team.

Thank you for your support to our new merged site, with Whole Sports and Hawgs Illustrated.

If you have followed us from Scout.com, your subscription is in place here, too. I would encourage you to cancel your old sub at Scout.com so it does not automatically renew. The number is (888) 501-5752.

Our Hawgs Illustrated office number remains the same: 800-757-6277.

Clay Henry, Publisher, Hawgs Illustrated

Looking forward to the new boards, I just canceled my scout subscription as instructed Clay. Please don’t terminate me here, this is the only way for me to get my hog fix in TN.


I personally think this is great; very happy!

I will not miss Scout. They have been dropping in “value added” for some time and particularly over the last months. Maybe that was because they sensed (or even knew) that is was coming.

Look forward to what I expect to be a better much better overall product!

Best of luck.

Thank you for your support. Again, I supported this move. I think it’s the right thing. I’m excited to unite Dudley and Richard. They are close. I know they will make a formidable team for our recruiting. I couldn’t be happier to see them together.


Yep Scout seemed to be getting more and more difficult to work with

Knowing that this is your little baby Clay lets me know it’ll be just fine

Well I made it this far ,and will cancel the Scout account by phone tomorrow,My question, will my account automatically renew in August as it has in the past, or do I need to prompt someone? Thx.