Welcome Paul Boyd

Paul Boyd, who covers the Razorbacks’ women’s basketball team for our website and the Democrat-Gazette, is now part of our message board. His username is @PaulBoyd.

Paul is a versatile reporter who has covered several teams over his long career. In 2018 he was named our state’s sportswriter of the year. I hope you’ll please welcome him to our board.


Nice to have you on board Paul! We look forward to reading your articles.

Welcome Paul! Glad to have you on board…

Is he any kin of Stephen Boyd and does he race chariots?

Ben-Hur fanatics rejoice! :joy:

Nope - no relation :slight_smile: Any questions on UA women’s hoops are welcome.

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Welcome Paul! WPS!

Did I hear right that Amber sat out the A&M game due to concussion protocol? Any details on that that you can share?

Yes. Was kind of a last-minute thing to from what I was told. We will visit with Neighbors tomorrow to get an update.

Is Mike still looking at any 2022 in state gals?

Welcome aboard Paul.
Can always use another voice who is in the know around here.

Thanks for bringing in someone to talk about the Women’s BBall team. That’s great. Can’t ever have enough basketball talk on here. And thank you Paul for coming aboard. I do my best to keep up with the women, but just hard without content. So thanks in that regard.

You guys are going to like Paul. He’s covering the women’s sports at UA. First time our operation has had someone dedicated to Razorback women’s sports. I know our website subscribers sometimes are frustrated that we haven’t done more in this regard. Not only is that happening, but it is being covered by one of the top reporters from our staff at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.


Glad to have his input. We have some very high level sports teams
in our women’s programs.

Nice! Welcome aboard Paul

Welcome, Paul! The bar is high with the group you’re joining.

Paul Boyd, I noticed Tom Herr follows you on Twitter. What’s the connection?

Herr was my favorite player at one time. I started following him when he played for The Travelers.

Welcome aboard Paul. Top-notch insight, info and points of reference are always welcomed here.

I don’t have an answer to this. I have seen him as a follower for a bit now. Interesting because I’ve never been a Cardinals guy. I’m a baseball guy for sure, but I was a TBS kid. Braves are my team.

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