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Bobby Petrino and a familiar scene playing LSU. Uh Oh!

Ok, here we go. I knew it was coming.

Ridiculous. He beat LSU twice in case you don’t recall.

He’s easy to hate. A lot know and understand he’s the best coach we’ve had at Arkansas in some time and won’t get a better more than likely. They love to attack him and pray for him to not do well. They are also the same people who were cheering him on and loved him while he was producing great seasons. I don’t think he is a great man by any means, but a coach? He’s a hell of a coach. Got beat today but it happens, you see where he’s at now and where we are. He also was rarely attacked while not under controversy at U of A. Yes rumors about how he treated staff, but so are there for Saban, maybe you need to crawl in people’s a$$es every once in a while to win.

A bit of perspective about CP and the end of Louisville’s season. With the Heisman winning QB, CP loses the last 3 games, including one to Kentucky! 9-4 is a good, not great season considering the way it started.

Better than the Hogs, sure. But this post is purely about Louisville and this “what could have been” season. They were the #3 team in the country after Week 12. I guarantee, the Louisville fans are not happy about the way the season ended.

I’m not sure he has earned the tab as a great all-around coach.

He had a 21-5 run here. That was the best job he has ever done. I’m not overly impressed with what he has done since leaving here. He’s 42-21 at WKU and Louisville.

Louisville plays a cake schedule and he has gone 9-4 (5-3), 8-5 (5-3) and 9-4 (7-1). This year they played a whopping 3 ranked teams and went 1-2. Arkansas played almost 3xs as many (8) and went 3-5.

He lost the last 3 games this year and his team gave up 35 PPG in those games.

His Heisman trophy winner looked lost once he got through the 5-week murderers’ row of Duke, NC State, Virginia, BC and Wake.

Consider: his best records and results were at Louisville 11-14 years ago in Conference USA and the Big East. His last and only conference championships were 11 and 13 years ago in the Big East and Conference USA.

Other than what he did here his last 2 years–(and it was great)–his overall resume looks more like a “good” coach rather than a great one.

I’m basing that on what everyone here says is the bottom line–winning the league and playing well against the big boys–not beating the inferior teams and getting drilled against the blue bloods and in rivalry games against lesser opponents.

So since BP is a good coach that must make BB just a plain bad coach.

You point to record strength and ranked opponents
Arkansas did beat 3 ranked opponents, TCU which finished its regular season a nice 6-6… not good
Ole miss which didn’t even make a bowl…
Florida was a solid win.
So our schedule while he’s much more difficult, our ranked wins do not weigh that much if you look at the end of the season results of those teams. Considering it was early on in the season and they hadn’t proven that they were clearly not worthy of being ranked. Just as we did.

Also you are forgetting the ACC just put a spanking on us and Louisville plays in the ACC. Put a unbelievable win on Florida state, and lost to Clemson who will be competing to be in the NC game. The other losses yes are uncharacteristic of a great team and were disappointing to BP. But we’re no worse than a loss to Mizzou, and how we lost just the other day.

Either way you look at it, BP is a very good coach, great? Maybe not, but very good. BB couldn’t hold his jock strap if you compare their records in the SEC. Which is a reasonable 4 year comparison with the same program. Maybe he will turn it around we all hope so atleast.

Yes please compare the SEC now and when he was here at ARK.

MMiss State was #1
Ala was ranked #1
Ole Miss was #3
TAM was #4
Lsu was #4

this was last year alone
When he was here Ala and LSU were the only ones really good and he got blasted in those.
As far as great coach no, great Off coach i would give him some but when he played big physical teams not so much
So keep up the man crushes but so far they basiclly are in the same place 3rd and below

Oh and were 7-5 not 6-6

In reference to 7-5 not 6-6 I don’t know what you are talking about.

The rest, is a complete joke. You seriously think the SEC is better now than then? It was Alabama and LSU back then, but now it’s just Alabama. You do realize Alabama is the only SEC team with 10 wins correct? I mean seriously… get outa here with that.

If you go back and read I never once said he was a great coach, I said he was very good and I wouldn’t say if he was great or not. Commenting without understanding what was posted makes you look ignorant.

I don’t get all the Bobby Petrino hate from Hog fans. He screwed up and was fired, but he did an excellent job of coaching while he was here. He was very popular with the fans while he was here. He loved this job…he did not want to leave.

He was a bad$&@ who didn’t suffer fools very well, but I knew we were never overmatched on the sidelines when he was here. He had the guts of a burglar and was a great offensive coach. I am pissed he screwed the deal up here, but let’s not forget he did a great job here.

I wish he had never bought that bike.

Right now? Yes. Bielema is not doing a good job. I thought this thread was about Petrino. I see that you aren’t really able to argue the points on him, so you’ve shifted things to Bielema.

But, the thread was about Petrino. In that thread I praised what he did, here, and said it was his best coaching job.

I also used objective #s to show why I think he’s good but don’t think he’s great.

I’ve just never seen a coach with 2 conference championships (in backwater conferences) in 13 seasons so routinely called great.

He’s good. Not great. Right now, Bielema is bad. You got me, there.

I don’t hate him. I dislike him. The reason I dislike him is that he was great, here, and this was the best fit for him and for the program and he ruined it.

I don’t want to go back over that debacle but it was his and only his fault and the reason it bothers me is that it happened after we had given him the chance to rehab an already bad reputation.

He did that (somewhat) and then ruined it all and set the program back quite a bit and for that reason I dislike him.

As for this thread, I’m just discussing his resume and the odd phenomenon that I think he has on people. They either completely hate him or think he is great.

And, I just don’t think his actual coaching results make him a great coach. Good? Yes. Very good? Eh. Maybe. Great? No way.

Not when you have never won a major conference championship and the 2 you have won were in Conf USA and the Big East.

2010: 6 ranked opponents, 3-3 (5 SEC)
2011: 6 ranked opponents, 4-2 (5 SEC)

2016 8 ranked opponents 3-5 (6 SEC)

IDK if the SEC was better then or now, but the #s don’t back up the position that it was clearly better then than it is, now.

Yes I’m aware of that. I’m saying that too much weight is put into rankings. Ole miss and TCU shouldn’t be anything to brag about. Their seasons ended worse than ours, statistically. I don’t care if they are ranked at the time if they end up 6-6. It just shows they shouldn’t have been ranked.

That’s true, sometimes. Just as it was in 2011 under Petrino when we stormed back in Cowboys Stadium to beat a 14th-ranked TAMU team that lost 4 out of its last 5 regular season games and finished 7-6, 4-5 and 7th in the 10-team Big 12.

It’s also similar to a week later when Petrino’s 2011 team beat a 15th-ranked AU team that finished 8-5, 4-4 4th in Secw and unranked.

Yes it goes both ways, I’m just saying that there’s not much validity with it. Although the two teams you mentioned were far better than this years TCU and Ole miss.

I would agree that 2011 AU was far better than 2016 OM and better than 2016 TCU.

I don’t think there’s any reason to believe 2011 TAMU was better than this year’s TCU team and there’s no way I see to argue thatvthey were “far better”.

2011 Tamu finished the regular season 6-6, 4-5 and 7th in the 10-team B12.

2016 TCU finished the regular season 6-6, 4-5 and 5th in the 10-team B12.

That’s fair, It’s speculation as to which team would be better and I’m not much on that.

All I know is LSU beat both BB and BP soundly this year. After a coaching change and all the upheaval there.
We scored a TD and 1 more point against m, but got beat down by a larger margin. LOL,

I have never said I hated BP either, in fact I was lovin what he was doin here, now I did hate how he departed and I don’t like how some can put the W’s above all else, especially after so many other things came to light.

I also think Louiseville would have had better finish this year if not for the distractions surrounding the program over Wakegate, negativity can be infectious. Not saying BP was directly involved but at this point we can all read between the lines our own way on that.

My dislike of BP is petty, immature and childish.

I dislike him because w gave him a chance to rehab his image. He came, he won and he made us relevant. Than he screwed it all up.

Because of this, I revel in his failure and stew at his success.

This is a good post - also, they should have lost to Virginia. Very fortunate to win that one. Although to say I’m not CBB’s biggest fan would be an understatement, I’d rather he be the coach here for 10 more years than the sorry sack of manure that is Robert Petrino. He is a good, not great coach, and a sorry human being.