Weird season. Beat the SEC East Champ, UF,

and La Tech and these may be the only other bowl teams Arkansas has beaten if I am reading it correctly. TCU is 5-5 w/ games at Texas and home for K State and Ole Miss is 5-6 w/ a game v Miss State.


Any win over Florida is a good win.

I think Texas will mail it in against TCU after that dumpster fire at Kansas. They have to know Charlie is toast. OM would win with Kelly but I don’t think Patterson can get it done.


I don’t see that happening with Texas. All of the Longhorns players were at Strong’s press conference today, so they obviously haven’t quit on him, and they have been humiliated a couple of times by TCU. So I think there is a lot of want to win this game.

Now they might get behind and the emotions take over, and they lose, but I’d be surprised to see them be uncompetitive in that game.

There have been a lot of teams humiliate Texas in the last three years. Including us. I do think they’ll come out fired up, but if TCU punches them in the teeth a time or two they’ll be more likely to fold up.