Weird endzone seating @ ASU..............................

…they have chairs lined up behind shallow tables, like a lecture hall. Just saw this in a sports report on KATV in Little Rock. Has anyone ever seen that in open seating in any other stadium?

It’s Loge seating, have you seen ours? It’s not as nice as ours, but they have the same type in front of their press box.

I have seen it in suites. They are giving up every other row of seating capacity in their end zone for tables?! Has any else done this?

They do not need the seating capacity. Always a lot more seats than fans.

Sort of like us…

Unfortunately correct

That’s true for the past few years. However, our attendance was quite good until the recent run of bad seasons. I expect us to regain attendance if/when we become competitive again. ASU has never had good attendance even as a percentage of their stadium capacity.

Back to the original point - was up there this past weekend and the seats look very uncomfortable -metal with no padding. I was told cost for four is $4000 per season and like at Arkansas food and non alcoholic beverages included.

Sorry, but if I’m shelling out that kind of $ I need a little padding!

$4k for the 4 seats? Ours are $4k/seat, which is padded and a TV to watch our game, or other games.

I was told they sell boxes with 4 seats for $4,000 per season. I think next year their end zone club area with TVs, etc. will be finished.

Ok, and I was saying our individual loge boxes have their own TV. I haven’t been to a game since Freeze was the coach, my youngest wanted to meet friends there and we went to the Troy? game, it was for the conference championship and was a little over half full.

No individual TVs… bars/food in both corners and I think TVs at each bar