Weird board note

More than a week after I returned from Omaha, I’m now getting ads on the board for Omaha barbecue restaurants. Didn’t get any while I was there, only now eight days later. Weird.

I was killing time several weeks ago at a Walmart. I was in the health section, and picked up a bottle of fiber supplement just to read about it. Did not buy it. Shortly thereafter, I started getting ads on my phone for that same supplement. I have no idea how that works, but stuff like that happens. Little chance it’s a coincidence. There are eyes everywhere, and it does concern me a little bit. It’s also weirdly fascinating.

I’ve had some of the same things happen since I got engaged last month. I never looked at engagement rings online. The day after I proposed, men’s silicone wedding ring ads were everywhere on Facebook, Instagram and on here.

Me? I get golf iron ads as well as ball retriever extension pole (as in ball’s in the water again, Fred) ads.

I was watching on TV some tips on how to get the best airline ticket price online. They said you need to clear and delete all of your cookies before checking sites for ticket prices. They said the airlines have what they call “dynamic pricing” and that they can somehow search your history when you go to one of their sites and they can see if you have checked already for tickets elsewhere, what you did not buy, and they can calculate how high of a price they can charge you and still get you to buy it.

Many times when I look at something on Amazon or Sierra Trading, it and similar stuff immediately starts showing up here and Facebook and almost any other place you go with “random” ads. I wonder if the ad software here looks at all of our “shopping history”, sells it to the ad people, and they start pumping that sort of stuff at you hoping that increases their sales. Big Brother really is watching after all. :ugeek:

Here is an article but it doesn’t say anything about them reading cookies in your computer:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 16744.html”></LINK_TEXT>

I think that many companies have “de-coded” how cookies from other common shopping sources (amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) are structured and so automatically interrogate any cookies found on our devices, then feed that information to their own software, which then selects targeted ads to us.

That is likely a very unsophisticated description of what goes on, but i think it’s essentially correct.

Here is a pretty good explanation. This all can be helpful but can we really trust everyone online to not use this against us?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-tracking”></LINK_TEXT>

I remember a Tom Cruise movie several years ago that had a futuristic theme. He was walking through something like an airport terminal and as he approached advertisement signs on the wall, they would speak his name and show an ad just for him. I thought, “That would be creepy”. We may be close to that.

Facebook, Google and the other targeted ad platforms prey on how much we rely on technology, and the convenience we desire when switching back and forth from one to the other. For instance, all of my Mac products are synced so that I get text messages on my phone and computer. My Google account somehow synced so that my search history on the phone is the same as the laptop, and all of the suggested videos on YouTube are the same.

I don’t know how it came up, but there is an alert on my phone now that tells me how long it will take me to get to a suggested destination. For instance, I typically buy baby formula on Monday nights, so when I get in my car at 5:30 on Monday, my phone tells me I am seven minutes from Sam’s Club. Creepy.

Here is a good video about how Facebook (and other sites) mine our data: … 2DA950288E

Before the Wednesday OSU game I decided to go get some barbecue. Did a Google search on my phone, found a place called Hog Wild Pit BBQ, said I had to go there, drove over (about four miles from where I was staying), ate too much and headed straight for the line to get into the bleachers. Owner said they hadn’t gotten any Beav fans in there (big shock huh?). That was my connection to Omaha barbecue. Nine days later, started getting BBQ ads. If I’d started getting them that afternoon, I can understand that. Nine days?

By the way, I’d go back. Very good food. A tad pricey but very good. On Saddle Creek Road.