Weird Albert Pujols stat

Or maybe not so weird when you think about it.

We saw the other night that Albert hit a homer off the 450th different pitcher in his career, breaking the mark he had shared with Barry Bonds.

But I just read that there’s a similar record that Albert has held for a long time. He has faced 1759 different pitchers in his career. Miguel Cabrera is a distant second with 1556.

The top 10 on the most-pitchers-homered against list all played at least part of their career in the 21st century. And there’s a good reason for that.

Remember that Albert has played roughly half of his career in each league, with interleague games also coming into play, in an era where managers use their bullpens liberally, and there are 30 teams with 30 teams’ worth of pitchers to face (and take deep). This also applies to people like A-Rod, Griffey Jr., Sosa and Big Papi, all in the top 10

Babe Ruth, for instance, hit homers off only 216 pitchers in an 8-team AL with no interleague play and a lot less relief pitchers. Hank Aaron homered off 306 pitchers.

It’s clearly a different era.

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