Wegner is hot with 5 home runs Florida has a guy with 10

Florida is absolutely annihilating the baseball…Their leadoff hitter has 5 home runs as does their number two(he led the SEC last year on 26) but they’re number three hitter already has 10!! (He just pinned the CF to the wall with his first swing today against Miami on SEC network)And he’s their number 3 starter a LH throwing 98!Their team batting average is about 350. And they have about 30 home runs!! Alabama leads the SEC at 360 so we’ve got a good hitting team I think but there are some that are far better than we are it appears… I’ve seen Ole Miss and they can absolutely crush it only have one guy hitting less than 333

#1, 2, 5, 8, and 9 in the country. Those are SEC teams, not including Arkansas. Our schedule is gonna be tough this season, especially with 2 great pitchers out, and playing at #1 in less than three weeks.

Well it gives people the opportunity to step up and show what they can do… This may be a blessing in the long run but right now it doesn’t look like everything is stacking up for us but you play one game at a time we’ll see how we do

I agree; move on, do the best you can.

To me, it just shows how hard 1994 was to accomplish.

It’s way to early to gauge how these hitters will fare when they get out of the non-conference schedule against lesser talented teams, players and pitchers.
Baseball revolves for the most part around your pitching staff and those that have a strong pitching staff will win more than they lose.
Most teams in the SEC will feast on a less than stellar pitcher or one that is not having his best day.

Florida has some elite hitters. But with that said, I think the wind patterns make that new park big-time hitter friendly, at least early in the year. I know the wind was blowing out Friday when there were five homers. The ball was flying out during Arkansas’ series there last year.

You could be on to something there Matt. Yeah I remember Zach Gregory hitting a tape measure Homer to right field LOL

They do have some guys with some absolutely phenomenal swings though anybody’s going to have a hard time pitching to that group from what I saw today.

They were feasting on Miami pitching today and the guy they were smoking was throwing 98… he was gone by the second inning…you don’t put the ball in the middle of the plate against those guys and not get it hit hard somewhere.

Send the hogs to Florida to play and I’m sure the hogs would have at least 10 more homers as a team and I believe someone would have 10 also.

Yet, they have three losses…

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Yeah they lost a couple of midweek slug fests… they are going to be a handful with their rotation and their offense.

I don’t think we play the gators on the regular season. The young man coming back from Tommy John is a good one.

Yeah we don’t play them but we do have Tennesse.