Weekend tournament delayed?

Rumors out of Starkville that the Arlington tournament will now run Saturday-Monday.

Looks like the have moved Friday to Monday. Not sure but I believe everything else stays the same. Even times and opponents

I haven’t signed up for FloSports yet. I think that I will wait to be sure the tournament is actually going to be played.

Because of the way single-day tickets were sold, it would make sense to keep the schedule the same Saturday and Sunday, and move the Friday games to Monday. Waiting for the new schedule.

AR plays Tx Tech on Saturday at 7:00 TX on Sunday at 7:00 and TCU on Monday on 6:00

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Here are some details:

Will the games be televised?

Streaming on Flosports.

Well shucks

We are going

I took off work Monday to travel back
Now will have to decide if I also take off Tuesday…

I was thinking this may be an interesting tidbit of info The fans that show up for the Saturday games may in fact be the first fans to officially attend a game in the new Globe Life Park stadium, Locally being called “Home Depot Park”. Although the Texas Rangers played their last year when the park opened, I don’t think any fans were allowed to attend. This is just my observation, im probably wrong.

They played the World Series there last year with crowds in the 11,000 range for all six games.

Your right, I completely forgot about that.

If electricity doesn’t improve rather quickly in the area, look for the tournament to be canceled.

Actually they are just about through the worst of it in Dallas. They did not get hit very hard with the second storm, most of the new trouble was to the south, north and east. It quit snowing or sleeting there sometime early this morning, and temperatures are up quite a bit(28 at Love Field at 3 p.m). Forecast to get above freezing Friday and then up to about 45 Saturday and even warmer Monday/Tuesday.

They have been doing short rolling outages today, but it sounds like they think they will get everybody back on for good sometime tomorrow morning.

Fort Worth and a couple of other big cities in the state are under a boil order right now, and I have not seen anything indicating how long that might last. Have not seen anything about Arlington having a boil order.

Hotels within 2 miles of the stadium had power, but no water Wednesday afternoon, hopefully all is back on by Friday.

There’s also a boil order for those who had water in Arlington.

I don’t see how they can hold the tournament under these conditions and I don’t see how they can improve those conditions enough in time for the tournament.

I’ll hold off on subscribing to FloSports until we have an answer.

BTW, I just saw this headline: Power back in much of Texas, but rotating outages could continue for days, grid operator says.

On another subject because I don’t remember the thread, you can make your RF donation online now. I noticed it was activated when I bought some baseball tickets, and it works, they took my renewal, lol.

What is it $30 to watch this tournament?

Saw on another board that a guy had called the Rangers and they “are full steam ahead” to play the tournament.