Weekend scrimmage schedule


The pitching matchups this weekend are:

Friday - Isaiah Campbell vs. Kevin Kopps
Saturday - Kole Ramage vs. Cody Scroggins
Sunday - Patrick Wicklander vs. Jacob Kostyshock

That is almost exactly the pitchers that Dave Van Horn told me three weeks ago were the top candidates to fill out the starting rotation. Obviously, you play three games on the weekend. I’d like to think the lone lefty in there, Patrick Wicklander, would be one of those weekend guys. Nice to break things up with at least one lefty to make the other team change their lineup. But it’s not always that simple to make a true freshmen a weekend starter.

If I was going to be forced to guess how it turns out, I’d say Campbell, Kopps and Kostyshock are weekend starters. Wicklander may be too good not to start on the weekend, though. Stay tuned.

Its definently going to be interesting to see how it turns out,I think Wicklander needs to be in there for the same reasons Clay,He looked awesome in what little we saw.I am not that high on Kotsy although he has a great arm.Kopps could be very good if he is 100% healthy and regain his form and avoid injuries.
I will go with Campbell
but if Noland is as good as we think I think he’s in there on Sundays before too long.

I haven’t seen any updates from the scrimmages! Do you know any results?

Connor Noland was very impressive on Friday.

I haven’t heard anything I was hoping someone would give a report.

Marty will there be an update posted here?

Me too!

I was unable to go to any of the scrimmages this weekend because everyone in my house was sick.

Based on what I’ve heard, the starting pitching has been pretty good. The starters in the scrimmages are Isaiah Campbell, Kevin Kopps, Cody Scroggins, Kole Ramage, Patrick Wicklander and Jacob Kostyshock.

If I were betting, I think the opening weekend rotation, as of now, would be Campbell, Ramage and either Wicklander or Kostyshock. My guess is Wicklander will be a starter because he is left-handed and it would keep the team from going right-right-right on the weekend.

Casey Martin has been really good at the plate the last couple of weeks - just a tough out. I think he has three home runs in five scrimmages.

One name to watch is Andrew Stanley, who I think could see some playing time as a DH or pinch hitter. Stanley is a freshman from Searcy and there are some around the program who think he has the best swing on the team. He had a home run in the scrimmage on media day, and he had a double each of the past two days.

thanks Matt appreciate it…

I hope your family gets over the big. We have had it in our house too. It’s no fun.

I appreciate that. I think we have passed the worst of it.