Weekend rotation


Game 1: Jr. RHP Isaiah Campbell (6-0, 2.29 ERA)

Game 2: Fr. RHP Connor Noland (0-1, 4.59 ERA)

Game 3: TBA


Game 1: Jr. RHP Drake Fellows (6-0, 3.44 ERA)

Game 2: Fr. RHP Kumar Rocker (2-4, 5.90 ERA)

Game 3: Sr. RHP Patrick Raby (5-1, 2.47 ERA)

Noticed they flipped Raby and Rocker.

I think this is the first weekend all season that Raby hasn’t started game 2. Raby didn’t have his best outing last week against Georgia, and walks have been a problem.

Tomorrow night I’ll have 3 grandson’s and my son in law with me at Vandy. They are all pumped. None of them have been to a Hog baseball game but I’ve taken all of them to basketball games.

I am as excited as them. All live in Tennessee and all are Hog fans and will be decked out appropriately. Even the son in law who played baseball for UALR but grew up in Chattanooga.

Nice not to see any lefties in the opponents rotation. That bodes well for us.

The lefties will come out of the bullpen when they need them!

That was good to see. They do have a few lefties in the pen they use a lot though. One of those lefties, Hugh Fisher, will be up to 97 with his fastball and has a .82 WHIP in conference play. Not looking forward to seeing him come through the gate.