Weekend practices:

Matt or anyone, I’ll be in Bentonville this coming weekend and would like to see a practice. When does Ark practice and will they scrimmage? Sunday looks to be a great Spring day for the outdoors.

I’ll get the exact times. It will probably be mid-to-early afternoon.

Today’s scrimmage is at 1:45 and will be open assuming the weather cooperates. It will be closed if it has to be moved inside.

Thanks, Matt. Do you have the practice times for Sat & Sun? Also, will they scrimmage each of these days?

I haven’t been told the times yet for those two days. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Basically every weekend practice is a scrimmage.

Saturday’s scrimmage will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Thanks, Matt!

Sunday’s scrimmage is also at 12:30.

Thanks, Matt. My son’s family and I were at today’s scrimmage. Really enjoyed it and the nice weather. My oldest grandson, which was not there, pitched with Miller Pleimann on travel teams. We were very happy Miller did so well. We will not be able to make tomorrow’s practice due to Super Bowl preparations.

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