Weekend Hog game to watch - 2018 CWS vs. Texas

Very enjoyable game from not long ago. This game gets overlooked because of events that happened later, but is a good watch.

That was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Because of the rain delay and the long inning we didn’t make an out for like 3.5 hours.

Watched that till midnight last night. Brought back weird memories for me though. It was during the CWS that year that my retina started detaching. Had the surgery the day we lost the heartbreaker to Oregon State. Had to watch that one drugged up with one eye…My surgery was a success and I’m back to seeing normal now.

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My brother and I took our 78 year-old (at the time) dad to that game for Father’s Day. In spite of the heat and the rain delay, that was an awesome Father’s Day for us all.

Love that. Great memories!!!

This picture was taken during the rain delay. These guys were having a good time. Note that I have a cooler around my head and another around my neck.

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