Weekend forecast

The forecast looks good for the games Saturday and Sunday. The teams might have to dodge a popup shower if they play Monday night.

It should be in the 80s at game time Saturday, falling into the 70s as the evening goes along. Sunday’s high is 90 degrees, so that could be a scorcher.

I’ll write more on this later today, but Arkansas and South Carolina are finally going to get to play in good conditions. The doubleheader in April was frigid and the field was not in the best shape for the game in Hoover.

Here are some thoughts on the conditions the first four games this season and how they contrast with this weekend: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … gamecocks/

The last time the poultry vistied it was football weather! Now it’s baseball weather! The ball should be flying!

That wasn’t even football weather.

About 17 or 18 years, ago, Arkansas and South Carolina played a March series at Baum Stadium in absolutely horrendous weather. Wet and cold the whole weekend. My son, who was around 10 at the time, and I went to Sunday game armed with parkas, blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate (you could do that in those days). I remember there were standing puddles on the warning track and it was around 40 degrees and overcast. The Hogs fell behind 10 runs in the seventh and it started sleeting. It was miserable. We gave up and drove home to Rogers. By the time we got home, the Hogs were rallying in the ninth inning and eventually won the game.

I’ve often been conflicted about leaving that game early.

I found this about the game in our archives. It was in March 1998.

FAYETTEVILLE – Snow and South Carolina fell Sunday at Baum Stadium. Arkansas used 11 runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to rally past the Gamecocks 17-16 in a stadium that looked more like a shaken snow globe.

Rain Saturday night forced two seven-inning games Sunday, but the second half of Sunday’s doubleheader was canceled after a 50-minute delay because of sleet and a 14-degree wind-chill factor.

Razorbacks Coach Norm DeBriyn called Sunday’s victory the biggest come-from-behind victory in his 29-year career. Arkansas (12-3), ranked No. 24 by USA Today, benefited from 5 errors by the Gamecocks (14-4) in the seventh but scored 11 runs off 5 hits with one out.