Week 3: Who are these Hogs

The team that barely hung on to beat La Tech or the team that pulled a miracle in Fort Worth?

It’s very interesting that that the Hogs are a left goal post clink away from being 1 and 1 and and a 3 inch step out of bounds on a long pass away from being 0 and 2.

However, the Hogs are 2-0, having thus far played the nation’s #20 schedule and beaten a top 30 team on the road.

Should be a very interesting next two games. WPS.

I don’t know. . .it’s been said and reported numerous times that the results would likely be 0-2 with last year’s team. But it isn’t, even with a less talented and experienced team overall.

Individuals and indeed teams do grow and with being a part of the final seven games of 2015, this team better understands what it takes to pull out games on last minute drives and overtimes.

Texas State should be an easy win, but it will be interesting, for sure, beginning next week. The first six SEC games are against teams that likely have a talent advantage based on historic recruiting rankings.

But as we know the best team does not always win.

Dunno, but we will find out as the season progresses. So far, they are undefeated and played tough in the 4th quarter. They have the making to be a very good team.

I like where we are at this point this year a hell of a lot more than the past few years at this time. Bout all I can say .

do not forget we were on the two yard line, about to go ahead by three scores, with the other team having not scored. So, we are that team too–capable of whipping up big time on a Number 13 team. Just made a mistake and the momentum switched.

You emphasize the negative, but you could also emphasize the positive. That positive trait is what we exhibited in the last games of 2015, and it was there in game 2 in 2016!! Scream for joy!

CBB has preached fast start from the beginning. The key will be when does this team gel. That has not happened yet but it may pretty soon. When it does look out!

I said last week, that if we did beat TCU, and struggled against TSt, aTm, and Alcorn St (who just lost to UAPB), then we could be very underrated (possibly 5-0 and not ranked) when Bama comes to town. I’d actually prefer that, because Bama has TN the following week, and if they’re sitting at 4-1 they could be close to the Top 10 again. So, Bama could get caught looking ahead. May give us an advantage.