Week 2 of my CF pre-season Sat game

Got me some 2010 Arkansas vs LSU. Time to watch Mallett and Hamilton go to town on some tiggers.

Will be an evening watch as my morning got messed up.

I can barely wait until the real thing gets going, but watching a game each Saturday will help give me a fix until the real deal begins. Plus we are in my idea of a sports dead period right now and this fills the void.


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Great game. The best play-before-halftime, I’ve ever seen in person, it goes without saying.
The guy sitting in front of us went to the bathroom to “beat the crowd”, and we told him not to.

Then to end the game, with a lead, just running it down the tiggers’ throat….ahh it don’t get any better ‘n that!


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It was a most memorable game.

The victory march to run the clock out was special.

One of my favorite drives as a Razorback. Probably if had not have tried to pass on 2nd down from the 7 or so would have scored in 2 runs. Nearly did on 1. Loved that game.

Isn’t that the drive where the referee had to stop the clocks because Knile Davis was hurt? I worked for WMS for many years and operated the play clock on the field for Razorback games.
Never saw or heard anyone scream, cuss, and spit like Petrino did when the clocks stopped. The referee (Steve Shaw) made the correct call, but should have also ejected CBP.
Steve was probably the best SEC referee for years. He was later promoted to SEC Supervisor of officials for a few years. Now in similar position at NCAA. He has posted some great vids about football rules on YouTube. I’ll post links to his vids about any new rule changes before the season begins.

At the end of the game, no one in our section left. They were standing on the benches, standing in the aisles, and yelling like crazy. A very polite and very alone LSU fan tried to leave and no one moved. I told him to just wait a while and they would all leave eventually.

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