Week 11 Polls are Out ...

Hogs are not in the Top 25 in either poll as expected. Beat LSU and we are back in.

Ridiculous that Arkansas is not ranked.

There’s a lot of nonsense in polls, and this one proves that.

The Hogs destroyed Florida – not a fluke, not a squeaker – a thorough beat-down. The Hogs have only lost 3 games to teams ranked #1, #8 and #10.

So how do the pollsters react – rank the team that was just beaten 31-10 and leave the 6-3 team out in the cold.

Hopefully Coach B and team will use this as motivation to beat LSU. Win that game and the Hogs are in.

Are there 25 teams in the country who could play our schedule and win more than 6 out of 9? I’d sure like to know who they are.

I think 56-3 is still in the mind of many pollsters. Beat LSU this week and we will be back in the rankings.