Wednesday's tournament results of interest

UCA is still alive; beat A&M-Corpus Christi

Misery beat Georgia. A&M is drilling Vandy, keeping Billy Kennedy employed for at least one more day.

Colgate got an automatic bid and looks like maybe a 15 seed.

ACC: NC State won its play-in game with Clemson. Syracuse was trailing Pitt at halftime, which would be a bad loss at a bad time. They look like a 9 or 10 now but by Sunday? Clemson is probably out.

TCU beat Okie Lite and is a lot safer despite going 7-11 (now 8-11) in the 12-2.

Arizona lost. Might get an NIT bid at 17-15 but it also might be shoving Sean Miller out the door, which the FBI was probably going to do for him anyway.

Butler’s season is over at 16-16, one year after they ended our season.

Oregon is playing late game in the P-12. Like us, they’re trying to get on the bubble. P-12 could just have two teams in the Dance though.

OU is down by 4 against WVA.

Unfortunately, the Paperclips appear to be safely in the field as an 8 or so, although this could knock them down a line or two.

Ouch. OU hit what looked like a 3 at the buzzer to force overtime – but his toe was on the line. It’s a 2, Clips lose.

That works for me.

And this, folks, is why we need video replay. Refs got the call wrong, replay fixed it very quickly. OU might have won a game it didn’t deserve.

Syracuse took control after halftime and won by 14.

The hogs need to win and a lot of help.

Oregon blew out Wazzu, now have 20 wins, but the P-12 is so weak it probably doesn’t matter.

OU’s loss dropped them to a 10 seed per Lunardi but they’re still probably safe. He has Florida in – barely – and Bama out. Let’s take care of the Wallets this afternoon.