Wednesday's SEC Tournament games pick em

Texas A&M
vs. Texas A&M

vs. Auburn
Ole Miss

vs. LSU

S. Carolina
vs. Arkansas
I hope this is how it plays out and we win! It would be nice to beat LSU tomorrow

Army, those look a lot more like what you HOPE happens than what you predict will happen.

Not that any outcome isn’t plausible in this evenly matched SEC. But I wouldn’t say what you’ve posted is “chalk”.

I’m confused. In his post aTm vs aTm, AUB vs AUB, LSU vs LSU, he does have SC vs AR, but the way he wrote it

aTm vs aTm winner would be Jawja
AUB vs AUB winner would be Ole Miss
LSU vs LSU winner would be FL

Now he does have us beating USCe, but if those other guys play themselves, and basically the winners have byes, we maybe in trouble


I think A&M wins that first game. Of course they are already in a delay for lightning.

Game 2 today I do think Auburn is hot and will put it on Ole Miss.

Game 3. LSU just has luck in Hoover last night they were out played and the see and eye hits keep coming as well as defensive miscues by the other team.

Game 4 I think our hogs are sick and tired of the talk about road losses.

It sure isn’t chalk but that’s what I think.

Texas A&M. 7
Georgia. 0
I picked the first one!
It sure wasn’t chalk!

The Auburn-Ole Miss game is set to begin at 2:10. If we’re lucky, Arkansas’ game will start by 9:15 tonight.

Matt it’s just hard on your team to play the late game everyday especially when there’s delays. I hope the bats come alive tonight.
You are about right on the start time.

Well, Army . . . chalk of not . . . you’re picks are looking pretty good so far.

Hope the night card holds form (according to you) as well.

Wizard I sure hope so! Ole Miss struggled against Bama and got help from the umpires to win that series and their pitching didn’t look good. Auburn looked good their last series.
Florida was flat against Moo U. LSU just has the luck!

Game 2 today
Auburn 9

Ole Miss 3.

What a game!

Game 3
Florida 4.
I didn’t have it right! I guess the zoo animals stayed in Baton Rouge.
LSU’s failure to get the bunt down to move runners to 2nd and 3rd with no outs poped the bunt out to the catcher cost them along with India’s nice play at 3rd was the killer! LSU gave Florida too many outs too!
Come on hogs!