Wednesday recruiting tidbits

No mention of Chevin Calloway or Thomas Johnston. Don’t make me worry!!!

Richard one question, is it strange that Coach B and Enos are the only coaches going to see Hayden and not are RB coach Mitchell also?

I know Dudley has said he does not think Thomas Johnston is coming to Arkansas.

Have things changed with Calloway? I know Texas is in the mix as well as Ole Miss. Sure hope we get him. I know the coaching staff has made him a priority and it seemed for a long time that he would be signing with Arkansas. Would like to hear an update.

He’s going too. The source forgot to mention him.

I still feel good about Chevin and Arkansas.

Just posted updates on DBs Brad Stewart and Chevin Calloway.

Richard does this mean we won’t be getting an official visit from Chevin, and do you think this hurts our chances he is doing an official at Texas this weekend instead of here?

Nvm it looks like we get the last visit I like that a lot more.

LOL. No, he’s visiting. I was just saying they would not be able to visit with him before the Texas visit.