Wednesday recruiting tidbits: Major targets planning trips to Arkansas


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RD - wow, what a list! Hoping we can get a couple of those big DL!

I asked Sydir if there was anything new with him and Arkansas and thatโ€™s when he said he will probably visit in March. That tells me itโ€™s a better than average chance he does.

I didnโ€™t ask him if he was going to visit.

I would love to get both defensive tackles. Thatโ€™s a really impressive list of potential visitors

any info on Rishad Williams, WR from Pittsburg CA?

we are supposedly on visit list per twitter and have equal chance with all 13 recruiting schools as of now.

A kid thatโ€™s visited in the past will announce heโ€™s when heโ€™s visiting again tomorrow.

He said he thinks heโ€™ll visit near the end of April. Hogs like him as a WR

RD who do you think we have the best shots at??

This young fellow has some long arms.

King is the one I was referring to.

He said earlier in the week he was trying to visit next weekend. He saying now he will be.

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Rashid Williams said he wonโ€™t make it this month but hopes to in June.